potty training fail

He is just not ready. There I said it. Lucky you didn’t even have to read too far to see what I decided to do. You are welcome! After the end of day two I wanted to rally to give it another try, but then I asked myself WHY? What am I proving and who am I trying to prove it to? The answer is nothing and no one. I don’t want to feel bad, or make my son feel bad for not getting it. We both don’t deserve that.

In the morning I realized that he woke up DRY! That is huge, and I took advantage of it and put him on the potty right away. We had success! It was a good start to the day, but I had already decided that he wouldn’t be wearing underwear anymore. So we went with pull ups.

I can still talk about the potty and promote the potty with pull ups. They are training pants aren’t they? Isn’t that what they are for? I also decided that I wasn’t staying home to potty train anymore. Captain Awesome made some remark about me not being able to stay in anymore and I didn’t like it. If I knew staying home would help in any way I would. But I am pretty positive that it won’t.

I believe pushing the issue any further would make the whole experience bad and I don’t want that. So we will wait. I will revisit it when I feel like he WANTS to go on the potty. He needs to WANT to go and not want to feel dirty. Right now he doesn’t even care about a pool of pee.

So we wait. And that’s OK.