potty time

As you all know I have been procrastinating potty training my son since the disaster of August 2013 (OK so I am being dramatic). After the first failure I decided I would just wait until I felt like he was more ready. Many friends and family began pressuring me to begin potty training telling me that he was 3, but I wanted to stick to my guns because I honestly feel/felt like it is a milestone that my son needs to reach on his own. Not one that can be forced upon him. So I waited….and I waited…and I waited…nothing. No interest at all. Even talk of the potty got an adamant response of “NO POTTY!”, and therefore I continued to wait. I didn’t want a stressful experience for him and me. That is until this past week when I talked for the 100th time about underpants and he agreed to wear them. I wasn’t totally prepared but we went with it, and therefore began our session of potty training round two!

It was last Friday and he agreed to put on underpants. I decided Friday was a good day to start because we had no plans, and I knew on Saturday and Sunday I’d have support from Captain Awesome so I didn’t have to deal with it all on my own (especially since he was one of the potty training pressure’s). Friday began with one successful poop on the potty. Yes you read that right, he started with a poop! I think it was a accident though. He was kind of shocked, but was excited when I made a big deal about it. I promised a toy if he pooped on the potty so I had to keep that promise, and had high hopes for a good potty training day. Beyond that success it was a failure. I’d ask him if he’d have to pee on the potty…he’d say no…and then pee in his pants. The day broke down right away when he refused to wear any of the 15 pairs of underwear I had for him, and would only wear his “favorite pair” which had to be washed 2 times and the rest of the time he went commando. But it was only day one and I had to stay strong…

Until day two. Saturday was a disaster with almost zero successes and a ton of fails including a #2 in the underpants. Have you ever had to clean that up? Well it’s horrible and disgusting. All over the place. I’d take changing a diaper over that any day. The underpants had to go…they were thrown out. Little dude had to be put in the shower to wash off his legs…just gross. On the positive side I think it scared him into not wanting to do that again…let’s jut hope. So the crappy day 2 of potty training ended on a high note with the little dude sitting on the potty before bed and having success. I think it was the moral he needed.

Day three was so much better. I decided from the beginning that I wasn’t going to go with the high pressure stay home and potty train technique. So through it all I have put on pull ups to leave the house. Therefore, we haven’t had any success in going on the potty in public, but we will get to that. Day three brought us a success in the morning and night, with a pee in the pull up while out, and an accident at home in the afternoon. Again I think he realized that he didn’t like having an accident in underwear because he got pretty upset after and insisted on just sitting on the potty even though he didn’t have to go…we had to break that.

Day 4…a Monday was a snow day which left us inside all day. Sucky for mommy but great for potty training. He had ZERO accidents and went on the potty all day! It really is what we both needed. He was super happy and so was I. In the evening I knew he had to go #2 and I asked him if he’d like me to put on a diaper. He said yes…and proceeded to go. Was it the best choice? Not sure, but for me, I’d rather him go then hold it in which he has a tendency to do, and I felt like maybe making him comfortable to tell me he had to go in a diaper would at least save us from underwear accidents. Who knows…I could be setting myself up for disaster in the future, but as I have been all his life, I am a “what works for me right now” type of girl and it worked. So I went with it.

So we are moving forward. When he complains about the potty (which he still does) I offer him baby diapers to which he refuses so I guess that’s a good sign. So far so good. I just hope we get to public peeing, but it all takes time. I still am not looking for peed in pants while I am out, so we will go with the pull up for now. Like everyone told me summer would be so much easier, but what can you do with a winter baby? It is what it is, so we deal. I am thinking this is it and with in a short time he will get it.

Could my baby really be getting potty trained???