Me..with no make up (and holding my friends adorable baby)

I came to a really rough realization today….ladies you may relate, and men you just don’t have to (whether that is fair or not is another story). After looking at a bunch of recent pictures of myself I have come to find that I have reached that point in my life where it is necessary for me to wear make up…’s true…this once easy going face that could go out into the world daily with out a trace of make up, now just looks pale and splotchy when I show my face with it out….The pale faced monster has emerged.

Even though I love all things Vampire these days, I honestly don’t wish to to be as white as one. Some people can pull the look off…like Nicole Kidman. She has a BEAUTIFUL pale complexion. Her skin is like porcelain, but mine??? White, red, splotchy and dry…WTH??? I was always happy to be the girl that throws on some moisturizer in the morning and call it a day. I actually took pride in it…but not anymore!

Look at the picture to the left…it’s kind of small so you may not be able to tell…but my chin is red, my nose is red and dry and I seem to have dark circles under my eyes. I know tanning and the sun is bad for you, but I look and feel so much better when I am tan!

I guess my carefree no make up days are over. I guess I am left to feel like a lot of women do, that I need to put on make up every day…that is if I want my skin to look good of course! Now I’m bummed….Just Great!