I am really excited to learn as much as possible about being a mother BEFORE little Pooh Bear actually arrives. I know most of the lessons will be in vain, since the baby will decide for himself how he wants to behave, as well as it will take him being here to know how I will want to react…but it’s still good to be as prepared as you can be. Therefore, I was super excited when I won a FREE breastfeeding class through my favorite pregnancy board on Long Island Families. The class was held at the  The New Baby Belly facility, and although I still have a ways to go, I figured why not take the class! It can’t hurt right?

I gotta say I found the class to be extremely inspiring. I have always known that I want to breast feed my child, and this class sealed the deal. We met with a lactation consultant who was great. I have heard that many consultants push and push their own ideals. That wasn’t the case with this woman. The first thing she said is that everyone is going to have their own ideas about breastfeeding, and that we should go into it as educated as possible and do what works for us, because a happy mom leads to a happy baby. I thought that was really great. Why? Well because I have heard stories from all sides…from  women to take to breastfeeding extremely easily, to those that wanted it so bad but their bodies didn’t cooperate. So it was good to know that she realized how everyone is different.

Lesson one was about the importance of skin to skin contact right when the baby was born. I found this amazing, and beautiful. She spoke of how a woman’s body is designed to be the perfect temperature to keep a baby warm when skin to skin contact is initiated. How beautiful is that? Listening to it made this pregnant woman almost cry!

Next she taught us that our babies tummies are about the size of a marble when they are born, and that my colostrum will be enough to feed the baby till my milk comes in. She also reminded us to be our babies advocate, and to speak up with what we want. The biggest lesson that was taught about feeding was that my body will make all the milk and nourishment my baby needs. Again I found this to be amazing and beautiful. How natural it all can be? I say CAN be, because I am well aware that it doesn’t always go as planned.

A big question I had was if it all was supposed to be as natural as she makes it sound…why do women have so much trouble? I mean she even showed a video about how a baby will naturally try to find the breast and latch on. So what’s all this about women having trouble with their baby latching? What about women who’s milk doesn’t come in? She said it’s hard because it’s inconvenient. It’s not easy, but if you ask for help, give it time, and persevere that you will eventually have an amazing experience. She said give it 3 weeks….I can do anything for 3 weeks right?

Ok…right about now I am sure those of you who tried to breast feed and couldn’t, or found that it wasn’t for you, or are laughing at how naive I sound are ready to chime in…well to be honest I welcome it! I plan to go into it knowing how hard it can be, but I also know that I will do everything in my power to make it work. I have a great support system, and plan to make them all remind me of how much I want to breastfeed after the baby is here.

I will be taking another breastfeeding class in October. I hope I find that one just as inspiring! Let’s hope little Pooh Bear is like most of the men I know and likes the boob! If he could make the process easier on me that would be just great…I’ll start having talks with him now to get him prepared!