I grew up in a household where if there was ever anything that needed to be fixed or put together, either my mom would do it, or for more complicated jobs, it would wait till my Grandpa came down for a visit. My parents were very lucky that he was so handy, and willing to help out. He was great with his hands, and most of all, very patient.

My husband and I are not so lucky. Like my family, his family isn’t very handy when it comes to fixing things, and his dad always went the route of paying someone else also.

My Husband Teaches Himself

Therefore, my husband and I are starting out not as lucky as my parents were. We have two choices when it comes to home repairs. I am not like my mom and have zero idea how to put anything together, so that really leaves my husband with the two choices. Either try to fix it himself…or pay someone else to do it. I give him a lot of credit because so far…he has decided to do it himself, and as it turns out he’s good at it! He’s Mr. Fix it!

I love watching my husband learn to fix something. In the past I have been impressed that he was able to install blinds, change light fixtures, and change door handles. To some, this may seem like small potatoes, but for a couple who has never had to fix ANYTHING it’s huge. The most recent task was a leaky kitchen sink. Personally, plumbing scares me. There are so many parts, and I figure there are plumbers out there for a reason, but my husband decided he could tackle the task. He took pictures of the pipes and brought them to Home Depot, and after getting the wrong part the first time, he was back in business.

Granted, he did decide to fix the leak at 1 PM on a Sunday when we had to leave for an engagement party at 2:45…but I guess it’s better that he started right? It’s best that I be grateful that he decided to do it all right?

So as a newlywed it’s great to see my husband taking an interest in this role. I know it is a role I certainly will not be taking. I also find it pretty sexy when I see how proud he is of himself over finishing these tasks…I guess there’s just something about a guy with tools….

Who does the fixing around your house?