I have always loved down comforters. I am not sure where this love began, but I can remember being young and asking my parents to buy me the most expensive down comforter out there. I loved wrapping myself in the soft down. I even got a less expensive version when I went to college. But one thing I don’t love about down comforters is the ridiculously high cost of the duvet covers!

My View on Bedding and Duvet Covers

I am a person who likes to change things up when it comes to the bedding department. And why not? You can get a great bed in a bag set for under $100 these days, but the same inexpensive price tag does not apply when it comes to duvet covers. Why is that? I have already paid a small fortune for the down bedding…and that’s fine, but now I need to pay another fortune to cover it??? In my opinion the covers should be very inexpensive and that way people could/would buy more of them. I know I would. In reality it is just 2 pieces of fabric sewn together on 3 sides with buttons on the fourth side…I could probably even do that myself. (Ok, I can’t, but it’s wonderful to talk about it.)  It all just makes no sense at all. Who are these people who decide on the price of the covers? I’ll tell you who…mean, mean people who like to mock me!

So now that my rant is over I figured I’d share a Duvet cover I found on Amazon.com. I didn’t buy it so I haven’t seen it in person, but this set actually looks pretty reasonable! It’s a 7 piece set for $79.99, and that includes throw pillows! Ok, and here is the best part…100% cotton means machine washable! How great is that!?

I think duvet consumers should unite! Let’s tell the stores we won’t pay $300 for a duvet set! (Ok my set is expensive but I got it from my bridal party for my shower!) And from now on we aren’t going to stand for it! We want reasonably priced, machine washable covers!

Ok…Rant over…