When I think of “mommy things” that I looked forward to taking part in, one that comes to mind is the “let mommy kiss it and make it better”. I always heard people say it, and wondered if kids actually went for it, and I am here to tell you that they do. As a matter of fact kissing your child’s boo boo’s away is one of the most wonderful things in the world. I mean, how many times is a person able to make someone who is crying stop just from a kiss? Now I know that I can and I do it often. My kisses are magical…didn’t you know that? My kisses can remove tears and stop the pain. My kisses can make bruises go away, and a heart broken child feel better. Mommy kisses make everything feel “all better”, and I am so blessed to have that power.

The other day my friends son got hurt and I asked “want me to kiss it?”. I did this automatically, but he looked at me like I was crazy. “Ummm Of course not.” he thought “only my mommy can make it all better!”. (that’s what I imagined him thinking”. She then came over, kissed it, and all was better. What what I thinking? Of course only HIS mommy could make it better. It’s the mommy kiss that has all the power, not the mommy’s friend’s kiss!

My kisses will fix almost anything for my son. Every little bump and bruise he turns to me immediately and I kiss it to make it better. I ask “do you want me to kiss it?” and he says “yaaaa” (I wish you could hear him say this it’s so cute”, and he comes over and I kiss it. Sometimes it’s just a kiss on the mouth he’s looking for, and I have no idea where is actually hurt but it doesn’t matter. After I kiss him I ask “all better” and in that same amazing little voice he says “yaaa”.

Every time I make it better I wonder when that magic ends. When does a mommy kiss become not good enough? It’s sad really. I keep reading blog posts about not only remembering firsts but remembering lasts and I really don’t want to think of this special time coming to an end. I want to always be able to take his pain away with a single kiss.

I know that life gets harder. I know that a bump on the head will become the least of his worries, and it’s during those hard times that I know I will wish we can jump back to the times when he would run into my arms and I would make everything OK. It’s amazing how you have that power over your child. I want to have that power forever but I know I can’t. It’s just not the way it is.

So I will cherish every kiss, and every moment that allows me to make it “all better”. The magic will still exist in our little world. The world where Mommies can fix everything. The world where the mommy kiss can end all pain. That my friends is a world I am happy to live in. I will stay here as long as my little man will allow it.