The other day I had one of those VERY rare moments that I found myself ALONE in our house. No Captain Awesome and no kid….so other then Tinkerbell I was totally alone, and it was wonderful. Normally, if I am alone it’s because I have some sort of task to accomplish outside of the home, but not this time. This time I decided to stay home just because I wanted to and for no other reason. But after everyone left and I sat on the couch by myself I started to panic. Should I really be just sitting here? There are probably a ton of other things I should be doing since I have the house to myself…and that’s when my head started to spin….clean, do laundry, blog, cook…so many things! And that my friends sucks! Do I no longer get the luxury of doing nothing? Does almost every moment mean I should be productive?

I started watching a DVR’d show. It was nice, but the thoughts of what I should be doing overwhelmed me, so I got up and started to fold laundry. As I was doing that I thought to myself how life was like BC (before Christian). What the heck did I do with all my free time? The house must’ve been so very quiet. Chores that needed to be done could wait while I watched a DVR’d show because…hey…I could do that chore whenever I wanted. But it’s not like that now. Being productive around the house while our little man is awake is almost impossible. Cleaning? Forget about it! For every something I pick up he takes out three more. But BC was different.

I never truly understood the saying “I can’t even go to the bathroom alone”, until I became a mom myself. Even that luxury is taken away from me. Close the door you say? Sure but I hear knocking and see little feet and toes emerge from under the door when I try. If I shower while the little guy is awake (I am a night time showerer) he stands right by the tub with the shower curtain open just to make sure I’m still ok. Thanks for checking buddy!

But when I found myself alone I didn’t know even where to begin! It was fantastic! Do I clean? I should clean…. Do I shower and dare say…blow dry my hair?? Well, the laundry won’t do itself, or maybe I should tackle a task like cleaning the closet that would never get done on a normal day….so many things!

You may be thinking…why not ship out the little man and his daddy more often? And I could, but on the flip side I LOVE being with them. I feel lost when my boys are out doing something and I miss it. I cherish that family time, but I will give you this. I should send them on their way more often.

So what have we learned? Home alone time is something to be valued and cherished, and it’s OK to just sit read the newspaper and watch some DVR…BUT it also feels amazing to accomplish something that you have been wanting to accomplish around the house. Either way, just some time alone is nice.

What do you love to do when you have the house to yourself?