When the baby was born The Captain and I were truly blessed in that so many family and friends showered us with many gifts of clothes. As a matter of fact, his wardrobe could almost be set for the entire first year if I wanted it to be. Yes, little girl clothes are adorable, but little boys have what I like to call “little man clothes”. Why little man clothes? Because my favorite clothes for boys, are ones that an adult male could be seen wearing…only smaller. Things like little khakis and sweater vests…things like that are my kriptonite!

Thus far I have done my best not to shop for Christian, since like I said above, he has a ton of clothes already…but now that I’ve been out and about more I have seen so many adorable things that I sometimes just have to splurge. Plus, although all the clothes are nice, it’s sometimes nice to be able to buy clothes that are totally my taste instead of someone elses. My right as a mom wouldn’t you say?

The one store I just can’t seem to leave with out buying somethings is Baby Gap. It is my absolute favorite! All the clothes there are just miniature man clothes. It is totally my style of clothes…well the style of clothes I love for Christian. Problem? It isn’t cheap. Luckily, they have great sales. Well, maybe not so lucky because that’s how I always end up buying things! I went this past weekend and got a pair of flip flops for $.47! And a beach hat for $.97! Can’t beat that can you?

I used to go shopping and buy Captain Awesome clothes. He told me that it was just an excuse to get a shopping fix in. Now he tells me that I am getting that same fix buying clothes for the baby…he’s probably right! Especially since right now he has no say what I put him in! Let’s hear it for little man clothes!