When I think of this past school year I can’t believe how fast it went! In September I was crying because my little baby boy was starting his first year of pre school, and now, we are in June and in in a blink of an eye it’s OVER! I think the only reason I am OK with it is because he still has 2 more years left of preschool. Since we decided to hold him back and place him with the 2 year olds due to his December 1st birthday (the exact cut of for school), he still has his 3 year old preschool then pre K. I don’t think I’d be so calm if next year my baby was moving to pre K. I am thinking medication might be in order…or a ton of wine, but since I am preggers and can’t have either….I am just happy that I think we will finish the final day tear free.

When my baby started school he wasn’t even 3 yet. My little two year old strutted into that school so proud and ready to go with out a tearful goodbye for his mommy (which was bittersweet by the way). He loved his teachers and over the year he has made friends that could someday maybe even follow him through his years at school. It’s kind of hard to believe isn’t it? I went to pre school with some friends that I had through high school. I wonder if any of these kids will be that for Christian? Will we someday look back on pre school photos and be amazed that these little kids remained friends? I do hope so.

When I would first pick him up from school and ask how his day was I didn’t get much. Although I still don’t get a play by play my little man’s language has grown so much that he loves to tell me things about his day. He will sing songs and talk about his friends, or what art project he did that day. I love our little afternoon chats…even if I have to drag it out of him sometimes.

So this is it. Year one of pre school is done. We have decided to stay at the same pre school next year so it will be nice to not be so nervous come September. And I am talking about me people not Christian. It’s tough on the mommies too you know! Especially in a co op situation when some of the mom’s know each other and have been through the pre school game before. But not me. I’m only in round one so I am learning, and that can be a bit nerve wracking!