son with belly

It’s no secret that I wanted to get pregnant REALLY bad. Pretty much everyone in my life knew about my struggles, mainly because of my openness here on my blog. Captain Awesome thinks I over share, I just think I share things that I would tell anyone who would ask me. Now, I am finally carrying my second child and am entering the dreaded third trimester. I say dreaded because, to be honest, it doesn’t have a good reputation.  That didn’t apply when I was pregnant with my son. I have to say, with him I felt pretty good the entire pregnancy other than the normal aches and pains that you can’t get away from. This time on the other hand has been much more difficult. I don’t want to complain because I feel so blessed, but the second time around hasn’t been as easy as the first, and now as we are rounding our way to the finish line I am nervous of what’s to come.

We started with about 12 weeks being completely nervous and on edge about whether or not I would have another miscarriage. The weeks between 7 and 17 brought on the wonderful first trimester sickness and food aversions. After that was a UTI, then a few weeks of a very nasty cold. While having the cold I then coughed and hurt my ribs which I now get “re hurt” every time I cough or sneeze, which then makes moving and sometimes breathing painful. Then of course there are some other things that even I feel fall in the over sharing category…and they aren’t pleasant.

I feel a lot of the difficulties the second time around also come with having another child at home. There is no wallowing when there is another child. Being a SAHM I am on the move all day. Up and down stairs, sitting, standing, crouching, playing. All good things, but there isn’t much time for putting your feet up. I remember being pregnant with the little man and I remember weekends spent on the couch…evenings too. Not now. Weekends we keep very busy so that we keep the little guy entertained, and same goes all day and till bed time. Definitely different. I do my best to put on a happy face for Christian, and I think I do a good job. He deserves to get his mommy at 100%…OK maybe these days we are down to a 90%…but I do my best to keep our days status quo.

I am just about 26 weeks along and ending my second trimester. Does that mean that I missed what they call the “golden period”? The good weeks of the second trimester where you are supposed to feel good? I’m not going to lie. I am very nervous about what’s to come this summer. If I am getting uncomfortable now, how will the next 3 months go? Especially with the summer heat and keeping the little guy busy at the beach.

I know that no matter what all women deal with it and make it through.I know that I have wanted this for so long, and that I sound ungrateful complaining in this post, and I know this is par for the course during pregnancy. All leading up to the arrival of my little girl. The little girl I have dreamt of for so long. So for that reason we persevere. All I can do is apologize in advance to those in my life if I get a little crabby…especially to Captain Awesome who gets the brunt. So bring on the third trimester. Ready or not….