When my son was born the idea of him going to preschool seemed so far away. It seemed like a time when he would be so grown up and and big, and today that day came. This morning I got my son dressed in his first “first day of school” outfit, took his “first day of school” pictures, and walked him into that preschool. He was so excited and his little face made my heart melt. How does the time go so fast?

The morning went quickly and soon he had his Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle back pack packed, and he even had a turtle lunch box filled with his toys ready to go. He was super bummed that he wasn’t going on a school bus, but grudgingly got in the car. We talked about how no matter what I’d always be back to pick him up, and that I would always say “go Christian go” while he is there (Its something I tell him I say while he is at swim lessons and he can’t see me, it seemed appropriate here too.) It brought him comfort.

The first day was set to be only a half morning, and I was supposed to stay in the classroom as long as I thought he needed me. Turns out it wasn’t that long! The room drew him in, and his teacher welcomed him. He ran right away to play with the other kids. I stood there with the other moms torn between being happy that he was doing so well, and being sad that he was doing so well. Soon I found myself saying goodbye and going upstairs with the other moms to enjoy coffee and some food while we chatted and got to know each other.

The first day only lasted an hour and fifteen minutes and it seemed like an eternity. I just couldn’t wait to go grab him and give him a big hug for being so brave on his first day. It was nice to know the other moms were in the same boat. Once 10:30 hit we got downstairs and I saw my little man through the doorway. He smiled…ran to me and yelled “mommy!” It really was the best.

He left school smiling. He ran and gave his teacher a hug after he saw a little girl do it. He called her Nina…her name was Julia…he seems to call all girls Nina and I have no idea where he got that? But I digress…we got in the car and left. He seemed so proud of himself. He told me they read a book about a puppy’s first day of school. He said the puppy was sad. It was so great getting an account of his time away from me. Since I’m always a part of his day I never get to hear about it. So cute.

After we went to Dunkin Donuts for some special treat munchkins. He deserved them!

Full mornings begin Thursday. That will be the true test for both him and me. I think I will be the one to fail. He will do great. I just know it. At least I hope so because I am not positive I could leave with him crying.

I just can’t believe my little man has started school. This day starts the years of his education. It brings on hopes and dreams that I have for him, and prayers that he will be safe and happy while he is at school. I guess that’s all any parent could hope for right? So day one is down…many..many…many more to go! Fingers crossed the first full day goes smoothly. To be continued.