school letter

Dear little man,

Today I dropped you off for your first full morning of 2 year old preschool. I chose to put you with the 2 year olds even though you would soon be three because I thought it would be the best thing for you. Maybe not today, but in the future I think you will be happy to find yourself as the oldest kid in the class. I am hoping this choice will set you up to succeed.

As your mom I did my best to get you excited for this big day, but my heart was breaking. My little boy is now old enough to be in school. When did you get so big? You walked into the school like you owned the place with your back pack and lunch box even though you really didn’t need either. You placed your things in your cubby and quickly walked into your classroom. I watched as I held back tears. I was so proud of you.

Then I quickly left. I thought of it like a band aid. You seemed to be doing well so I didn’t linger. I left. I got in my car with tears in my eyes thinking of your little smile and how big you really are, and how much more growing you have to do. I thought about all the things I would love to tell you but know you wouldn’t understand. I guess someday you can read this and know how hard it was for me to watch you go into your classroom and know that for 2 1/2 hours I wouldn’t be in charge of your day. That my dear boy is tough.

I hope that you learn to trust in your teacher, Mrs. O’brien and learn to look to her for support. I hope that you will learn to play with other children, and learn to share. I hope you will find wonder in the stories they tell you, and enjoyment in the projects you create. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to fill my walls with all the beautiful art you will bring home. I promise to cherish them all, and remember that each piece was made my your little hands, and if I don’t cherish them now, I will regret it.

I hope that you make little friends, and who knows, maybe these friends will be in your life for years to come. Some people are lucky enough to go through their lives with a friend they’ve had since pre school. Do you have a friend like that in your class?

I hope that every day you get to run and play outside on the playground and get fresh air. Play is the most important thing in your world right now, and I know that you will get to do alot of that in school.Through play I hope you develop your imagination. That my dear boy is more important than any letter or number they can teach you right now.

I hope that you come home each day and tell me school was AWESOME like you did on the first day. I can’t wait to hear your account of how the day went, and since I’m not there to be a part of it, I hope I understand what you are trying to tell me.

Most of all I hope that you enjoy your time there. As hard as it was/is for me to leave you in that room, I am happy that I was told you had a great morning. You are such a brave little boy and I am so proud of you. But I know that my favorite part of your school days will be going to pick you and and seeing your eyes get bright when you see me. Having you run into my arms yelling “Mommy” will NEVER get old. And I will cherish it as long as you do it. Your smile always brightens my day.

So enjoy school little man. Mommy will always be your biggest cheerleader and I will always, always be there when you need me.

I love you