I’m just so frustrated. I feel that no matter what I do, to maybe do the right thing, I fail. I am by no means fanatical about the foods I put in my body, but I really try to do well by my son. I am not great at it, but I do my best. Unfortunately, I am finding out that I really have no clue what is in the foods and products I give my kid. Even when it says “organic” right across the top, it doesn’t mean that it’s not filled with other crap. And now, I read this article the other day telling me that even the BPA free products that I put my kids food on and in isn’t safe. What is a mom to do?

I use sippy cups and I use plastic plates, bowls and forks. I bought bottles that said “BPA Free” thinking that I was making the right choice for my baby, and now I read that all the CRAP may still be in the plastic. At least my son is older now and I can consider giving him things in glass, but what does a mom do with a little one who would break every glass you gave them?

One of my favorite things is finding out the organic or “natural” products that I buy are on the list of items with GMO’s. I see a link about what breads NOT to buy and there is the one in my cupboard. When it’s time to pick and apple juice brand I stand in the aisle forever. Have you read the ingredients in your juice? If not you should! The other day I was in the dollar store and was going to buy my son animal crackers. What mom doesn’t buy animal crackers? But then I looked at the ingredients. I couldn’t even pronounce even the SECOND ingredient on the list. I didn’t buy it, went next door to Trader Joes and looked at their animal crackers. I was AMAZED at how different the ingredients were! So I bought those, but what mom hasn’t bought the crackers in the circus box?? Next time you get a chance check out those ingredients…or maybe don’t…you won’t be pleased.

How about that story about the bread at Subway? Think you are choosing a healthy option by going to Subway? Think again! The bread has an ingredient that is put in YOGA Mats! Did you ever think you’d have to worry about that? I didn’t.

Feed your kids fruits and vegetables? Great! But be sure they are organic! If not you are feeding your child a ton of hormones…yippee! I am thankful I have a Trader Joe’s close by because I find their organic produce to be reasonable. I actually buy a lot at Trader Joe’s organic or not because for some reason I believe they choose to sell quality products. I’m probably wrong there too…but I do my best.

I feel at such a loss. It really shouldn’t be so hard to provide your kids with healthy options. And is it too much to ask that if I want to feed my kid something sweet that it’s not filled with tons of fake crap? I guess these days it is.

Listen…I know the answer when it comes to food. Prepare your own…make your sweets, fresh meals and snacks and all will be much better. But lets be honest. Most mom’s can’t do that. I think the most frustrating is feeling so uneducated. Especially with all the plastic information out there, and such. I just need to be more diligent. Cheap isn’t always the way to go, and I should trust the brand I am buying. Stick with what works. Now it’s time to figure out what that is….but I’m frustrated. It shouldn’t be this hard. But it is…Such is life

Do you have any suggestions? Things or products that worked for you?