One thing I love the most about Captain Awesome is when he gives me a genuine smile. He has many smiles, but this one goes straight to his eyes. It hits them even before it reaches his mouth. Our little man got his daddy’s smile because his too goes straight to his eyes. He doesn’t have as many different smiles as his daddy, because his are all pure and genuine, but this particular smile is the same. And no matter what is in his mouth, or if it’s covered, I always know he’s smiling at me because you can see it in his eyes.

One of my favorite feelings in the world is having my son see me, get excited and smile. It happens a lot during the day so I am lucky. I get the smile when I get him in the morning as well as when he wakes up from each nap. If someone else grabs him from the crib then I get the smile when he enters the room I am in. I just know he is looking for me, and when he finds me…there it is. His face lights up and his eyes twinkle. (yes you read that right…they TWINKLE!) I’m not claiming that I am the only person he does this for, but that also doesn’t lessen how it makes me feel.

The joy you get out of a child’s smile begins the instant they are born. You just wait for the moment when you do something that brings them joy. Once they start to smile you then find yourself doing and saying the most stupid things in the world to make that smile continue. I mean how many silly faces or games of peek a boo can one play in a day? In my world?? ALOT! But all the silly stuff is worth it, and it’s worth it to watch The Captain get all silly for our kid too.

Bottom line? A toddler will show you every emotion they feel. It’s all so pure and true, so when I see that twinkle in his eyes I know it means he’s happy. I feel so blessed that I get to see that twinkle all the time. He’s a happy boy, and that makes me a happy mom. His smile can always make my day.