I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I know some of you are reading this and thinking to yourselves…Valentine’s Day Sucks! And I am sure for some it does…but for me it has meaning. On Friday I was struggling with a mixture of happy and sad feelings. If you didn’t read about that..then you can read it here. Well today I wanted to keep you all up to date with how my weekend went. I know some people hurt for me when reading that post (my family) and were honestly worried about my well being. But I want to let everyone know that I am OK….more than Ok I’m GOOD!  I use this blog as my personal journal. I am open and honest and I want to thank everyone for all their support. All the comments, and facebook messages meant so much to me.

But that day has come and gone. I kind of dreaded it and now that it has come to pass I feel more free to move on. Writing that post was very freeing, and Friday night I went out to celebrate a friends birthday and let loose. …aka I indulged in car bombs, wine and beer. It was perfect. Saturday morning I woke up to flowers being delivered to my house. They were a sunshine bouquet from my sister and her fiance. They made me smile, (and cry a little) it was just so sweet and unexpected. Later in the day my man Captain Awesome brought me beautiful roses. (my favorite). No matter what anyone says flowers never get old, and they will always make me smile. We decided to do our Valentine’s day “first date” anniversary/engagement anniversary dinner on Saturday rather than on Sunday. It was yummy and great as always. We ended the night with champagne and a movie…  I really enjoyed our night together. I always enjoy my nights with my best friend.

Sunday we decided to be cultured and went to the Metropolitan Museum in Manhattan. We know nothing about art, but we thought it would be a nice activity for us to do together. And it really was!

First we decided that what we really needed was a statue like this made of us. Why don’t they do that any more? This particular one was a sarcophagus, (grave) which would be great. You can see the man and woman there together. It gave us some great ideas! We need more things made to our likeness.

Captain Awesome is Greek (and extremely proud of it) so we found a lot of art created by “his people” and here he is showing us how he resembles the Greeks of years ago. (or at least he likes to think so)

The Met is home to some of the best art in the world. And in the midst of all that this picture showed up. Look closely….it looks like a 4 year old did it! How is this picture hung up in the same building with the likes of Monet and Renoir?

After the museum we came home, ordered take out Chinese, drank more champagne and watched “Couples Retreat”. It was the end of a great weekend. So happy Valentine’s day to all! I am one lucky girl and enjoyed a nice weekend with my man…my best friend.