So today brings part 2 of the Building My Blog Tribe series. Yesterdays post highlighted how you, my readers can get more involved in the After The Alter community, and today I want to highlight those people who I feel are part of my tribe. It’s so hard to choose, but I wanted to point out a few people who I feel I really connect with. I also want to thank those people, and everyone who participates on my blog. It really makes me happy.

When I consider who I feel is part of my tribe I look at a few things. Most of all Blog commenter’s and Twitter friends. It’s these two places that I spend most of my blogging time. There are ALOT of blogs I follow on my reader, but MOST of those people don’t actually comment in return, and I have 0 clue if they even read my blog. So I do not consider those people in my tribe. It’s those blogs that I read, that also read my blog that I would consider my blog friends. Same goes with Twitter. I follow a lot of people…but it’s the people who I @ or @ me in return that I really connect with. That’s where relationships are made.

Captain Awesome helped me out and added a new feature on my blog which showcases my loyal commenter’s. (I totaly have zero clue how to do that stuff)  On my right sidebar you can see my top 10 commenter’s based on the number of comments they left during the month.  So thank you very much! I appreciate and LOVE reading what you have to say! (I know I mentioned the comments were reset each month and they will be, but for this post, I have highlighted the top commenters from the beginning of the year. I found the month only showcased those who entered my giveaway this month. I think this list is more accurate)

  • Sol: Sol is my friend and neighbor. I LOVE her thoughtful comments! She has been a supporter of my blog from the beginning!
  • Jessica – Acting Adult : I feel like Jessica has been a loyal commenter on my blog since the beginning. Her blog is similar to mine since she talks openly about her life. Especially her love of the theater
  • Pursuit of Mommyness: I feel like this girl and I have a lot in common. She highlights some great momeprenuers (mom’s who start their own businesses) She just found out she’s pregnant so I can’t wait to follow her journey! (@kellyhupcey)
  • Morgan- The Newlywed Chronicles: Morgan is one of my newer commenter’s, and I am so happy to read what she has to say! She’s a newlywed like me! She also has a cute little dog like me! I look forward to reading more of her posts!
  • Ashley- Just Another Mom of Two: I’m glad she started following my blog since it helped me find hers! She is a SAHM of 2 beautiful children. I love her honest approach! (@anothermomof2)
  • Sarah Ruth Today: Sarah has become such a great Internet friend and she just got married! So stop on over and say Congrats!! We also chat regularly on twitter (@sarahruthtoday)
  • JDaniel4’smom: Shis always visiting through SITS, but I am always greatful for the comments. I look forward to reading more on her blog.
  • Jin- Team Jin Fred: I think her tag line says it best ” Team JinFred’s Quest For A Baby…While Giving Infertility The Finger” I can really relate to alot she has to say!
  • Jenn- The Road To Happily Ever After: Jenn is another one of my TTC Internet friends! She is always helpful and supportive. I love to follow her journey (amaprincess)
  • Jenn- The Balow Bunch: This is another blog I found once she commented on mine. I LOVE how that works! She has adorable dogs and I can’t’ wait to read more.

As I mentioned in yesterdays post I am highly addicted to Twitter! I love all of my twitter friend and get very excited when people @ when I make my comments. It’s really a great community. I figure my tribe here should include people that @ me, and who I converse with regularly. So to pick those twitter friends to showcase I am hitting my tweet deck @ column to see who’s been talking to me recently!

TTC Twitter Friends

They’ve offered me so much support in my journey. Sometimes it’s easier to share here than it is is to share in real life. Plus they know what I am going through so the camaraderie is much appreciated. I am also going to link to their blogs because I follow their blogs regularly. They offer tons of great information.

Twitter Friends

These people are always nice enough to talk back to me! (trust me that means alot!) And I always love to read what they have to say!

  • @diaperdiaries One of the first blogs I started following. She is a wonderful woman who has taken time to help this new little blogger. I will always be grateful!
  • @TeamGiles She is one of the first people that I started following on twitter. I love her Tweets!
  • @futuremama Another one of the first blogs I started to follow. I have loved following her short TTC journey and now her pregnancy! She gives me great insight and tips!
  • @sitsgirls I’ve mentioned over and over how much I love SITS! And I love reading her tweets.
  • @mihow This wonderful lady has offered much support in my TTC. She DM’s me and checks in and I appreciate it.

So I didn’t mean to leave anyone out, and if I didn’t list you that doesn’t mean I don’t value your internet frienship….I REALLY do!! So thank you to all who comment on After The Alter, and all who @ me on Twitter. You really make this little hobby of mine worth while. I hope to build my tribe, and find new blogs to follow along the way.