Ok..I have a confession to make. I think it’s important to be open and honest about your shortcomings, and I am ready to share with you one of mine. It’s not something I am proud of, but honestly, at this point I don’t think I will change any time in the near future. So hear goes….I REFUSE to grocery shop where I KNOW the prices are better, and I REFUSE to shop at multiple stores just because there are sales. Phew! Ok I said it out loud.

I consider myself a frugal person. I think many people that know me would think the same thing. But when it comes to the grocery store issue I just can’t budge. See, I have complained over and over again about the crowds and the traffic in the area where I live, and that it turns out that same gripe travels over to the crowded grocery stores. We have a few main ones in the area…Stop and shop, waldbaums, and Shop Rite. Of those 3 the best prices hands down are at Shop Rite. But are good prices worth my sanity??? I mean there are fights for parking spaces, tons of people, the aisles aren’t big enough for 2 carts to pass each other, and everyone is always in a sour mood. Sometimes I decide that I should suck it up and go, and each time I leave feeling EXTREMELY angry. So why do it to myself??

If you want to really save money on produce and meats there is a place called Johns Farms here in my area. It’s a store that only takes cash or check, and you have to pay for the shopping carts (I’m sure you know places like this) but the prices are REALLY good. Or so I’m told. I have tried on multiple occasions to shop here. I get in my car and drive..and when I get there I find a line of cars at least 5 deep waiting for spots. It is then that I turn right around and leave. SERIOUSLY??? I mean it’s not like they are waiting for close spots…there isn’t a spot to be had in the whole lot! My Mother in law goes there a lot but she goes at like 7 am! There is no way I care enough about going to a store to go that early. I feel like I shouldn’t have to time my shopping to NOT  have to wait in a car line 5 cars deep. I want to go when I want…not when it’s convenient.

So my store of choice is stop and shop. They have descent prices, and I have a much more pleasant shopping experience. My cart easily passes through the aisles, I don’t have have to fight for parking, and I love that I can put my deli meat order into an automated machine and pick it up after I am done shopping. I am sure that when my family gets larger I will need to suck it up and do what I have to in order to save money on food. But for now, even if I am spending a little more, I choose my sanity over frugality.  Ok…confession over.