I have random thoughts going through my head ALL the time! Sometimes I vocalize them, and some I keep to myself because they are just that ridiculous. This week my mom is in town visiting and I have been very busy with her, and therefore I haven’t gotten to write a post. So I am taking this opportunity to throw out one of the random thoughts I had last week…….

Who was the first person to figure out what foods to eat, and what foods will kill you???

Ok really…who looked at a banana and knew that if you opened it a yummy fruit was inside. Same with a pineapple?? I mean the outside is so hard and scary…but inside it was the sweetest fruit! Mushrooms? I mean they can kill you, or send you into psychedelic fits? What kind of trial and error system was there?

Ok…random thought over. Don’t worry, I am sure I will have more to share in the future.