Growing up I lived in the most wonderful neighborhood. There were kids to play with in all age ranges, and the adults all seemed to be friends. When the weather was good my family would go outside and gather on our driveway. Within a short period of time a bunch of our neighbors would come and all the kids would play. We had block parties and even went on vacation with our neighbors. One year, we had about 25 people (including kids) go on a beach vacation! It was great. It’s what I grew up with and it’s what I knew. I had always hoped that one day I would get to experience that as an adult, and it seems that God has smiled down on me and gave me my wish. I have come to learn that good neighbors certainly help to make a happy home.

My husband and I were very lucky to end up in our section of the neighborhood. As you know we live in a town house community, and it is a known fact that since you are connected to your neighbor that it is quite possible they could make you very miserable. Since we are “social” people and some would say “loud”,(ok we like to party) we were very worried about who we would end up with as neighbors. But boy did we worry for nothing because we ended up being blessed with the best neighbors we could ask for.

Let’s start with our neighbors to the right and left of us.(you can see them in the picture I attached at the top). To my right is young couple who are the same age as my and my husband. We are extremely similar and have become very good friends. Sometimes I feel like I am back in college when it comes to these two because we party together, watch TV and sports games in each other’s homes, and me and “M” even exchange shoes and clothes. It’s wonderful. To my left is another amazing couple who have an amazing little girl. Little “L” always makes me smile and gives the best little hugs. Her mom “S” is great to talk to and I know that I can count on her if I need her.

If you branch out to the rest of our row of houses you will find many other great couples. There are kids and adults and I love coming out around 7 PM on a nice evening to find everyone outside just talking and socializing. It’s just how I grew up. Just yesterday I wandered down the street to visit my friend who just had a baby boy, and ended up eating pizza and watching a girly movie. Who wouldn’t love that? With all the gossiping going on here we joke that we live in Melrose place or on Wisteria lane.

Over the past two years of living here I really made some great friends. We know this isn’t our forever home, so it’s sad to think that we may not get this lucky again. But for now we will enjoy our home, and enjoy the great people we’ve met.