Dear little man,

I decided to keep with the tradition of writing a letter to you on your half year mark because so many things have happened since you turned three. Although you physically are growing slower at this point, you are going through so many changes and growing so much each day. I

I am not going to lie…three has been a little trying at times. Once you turned three you decided that you were in charge and you made it known to everyone you encounter what you wanted, and if you didn’t get it….look out. I sometimes wondered what happened to my sweet little boy. Errands became more of a challenge and I worried that you were getting spoiled. I do my best to raise you as someone who appreciates what you have, but sometimes it seems you aren’t getting the lesson. The good news is that I am writing this letter after a few weeks of angel behavior. I am hoping that we have taken a turn for the better because you have been a pleasure these last few weeks. I guess everyone goes through moods right? Right now, at this moment I am loving my days with you. Errands have become fun again and we talk ALL the time. I like to talk…but you LOVE to talk! Your growing language is getting a lot of practice.

You are extremely inquisitive and you hear EVERYTHING! Any conversation your daddy and I have in your presence you seem to want to be a part of. Nothing gets past you. You question and want to know about everything in your surroundings. You are one smart boy, but you don’t like to learn in the “sit down and learn” type of way. You tend to learn by experiencing. I get it.

You love preschool which is great. You are going 2 times a week in the mornings and it’s perfect for both you and me. I put you with the 2 year old’s so that you are the oldest in the class. I think in the long run you will be thankful to have that leg up from the rest. I don’t think I will be happy when you are driving first…but for now I think it will help you excel. Next week is your last day of your first year of pre school. I can’t believe it! I think it would be harder if we still didn’t have 2 more years left. Time goes so fast. We loved Centerport Methodist and you will go there next year.

So far this year you began taking classes for speech. You started at the end of February, and since then have made tremendous strides! We decided to get you services through the school and I think this will help you out immensely in the years to come. This year you were with the 2 year olds in preschool, and will be the oldest in your class in the future. In the long run, and even short term I think this has been a great decision.

In big news you found out you were going to be a BIG BROTHER! You took the news wonderfully, and are so looking forward to meeting your little sister. You weren’t too sure at first about having a sister over a brother, but I think the idea is sinking in. You are an amazing big brother so far, and are showing a ton of interest. You come with me to my doctor appointments and listen to the heartbeat. You say it sounds like a whale. You kiss my and rub my belly every day and always ask about the baby you call “hop hop”. Sometimes it’s “girl girl” since you found out it was a girl. Those are your name choices. I have a feeling when you read this in the future you will see we didn’t go with either.

You finally jumped on the potty training band wagon! That’s right you can go on the potty! One day you said you were ready for underpants and after some accidents we got the hang of it together pretty quickly. I am a true believer that a kid will get it when they were ready, and I guess at the 3 year 2 month mark you were just ready. It’s been going well ever since.

You took your first trip to Disney World! I have been waiting to bring you there forever! It was perfect. We got to give you all of our attention and you were at an amazing age. You took it all in and loved it. You were a trooper and although I anticipated meltdowns we really got away with none. You loved meeting the characters the best. It was so magical to get to experience Disney through your eyes. There really isn’t anything like it in the world.

I am thankful you are a good sleeper. You are still taking a nap almost every day, and sleep well through the night in your own big boy bed! It took some convincing, and it broke my heart to get rid of your toddler/crib bed, but it was time. The transition went extremely well and now you and I can snuggle every night at nap and bed time. You still have your wa wa though which people say is bad, but I say that I am not willing to take away that comfort from you. Will I regret it later? Maybe….but for now it works and I am OK with that. Maybe it will be a different story when I write you a letter for your 4th birthday.

There are no words to describe what a special little boy you are. These 3 1/2 years of just me and you have been truly amazing. I have always wanted this special one on one time with my first child, and I got it. You are my partner in crime every day while we go about our weekly routine. I love to talk with you in the car and chit chat during errands. I don’t like when you pitch a fit over a toy I won’t buy you…but we will focus on the positive. I am so thankful for you every day, and every night when I tuck you into bed you give me a huge smile, a hug and kiss and no matter what happened that day…I am reminded how truly grateful I am for you, and how you are my world. I love you.