What Happened to the Christmas Magic??

I am a person that has a horrible time with change. In my world change is bad…bottom line. I get that change is a part of life, but it’s definitely a part that truly scares me. One big area where I find change to be bad is during the holidays. Growing up, Christmas was such […]

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Christmas Traditions

I am sure all of you are pretty tired at this point of me telling you how much I love Christmas time, but guess what? You are going to have to hear about it again. Christmas is a holiday that is full of traditions in my house. Some may say that I am stuck in […]

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Our Family At The Pumpkin Patch

Our little family goes to the Pumpkin Patch every year. We started this little tradition about three years ago at a place that allowed us to bring our little Tinky, and have continued going to the same place every year. My poor husband had to take me to at least 3 patches the first year we […]

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Active Menu Planning

My husband was talking to his friend, and this friend told him that he and his wife were actively trying to save money on food. They decided that for the month of September they would only eat out on Friday and Saturday nights, and eat in and cook the rest of the week. Just by […]

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She Said Yes! My Sister Is Engaged!

I love all things wedding, and as you know I have been going through wedding withdrawal since my wedding happened over a year ago. Now, I am so happy to announce that my sister got engaged this week to her boyfriend of about 4 years! Yes that is right! Do you know what that means? […]

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