Pocono Weekend Getaway

Before you think…”OMG Jen is holding a gun!”….I will tell you that it’s a bee bee gun and I am shooting at cans (not very well might I add!). ANYWHO! Last weekend The Captain, our little man, our little Tinkerbell and myself hopped in the car and traveled to the Poconos to spend the weekend [...]

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When The Circle of Care is Reversed

Guest Post by Sasha I can safely say that I’ve been living life as a responsible adult for more than a decade, with all the ups and downs and missteps that entails. But as I get older, the obvious is lurking in the background, reminding me that my parents are getting older as well. I [...]

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Family Managment Made Simple

I do my best to be organized when it comes to matters of our little family. I keep binders for a lot of things including a medical binder which holds all of our medical information. I'm always looking for new ways to keep track of our family information, and by doing that a new website [...]

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My Sister’s Wedding: Part Two

Let's start off by saying that I can't believe my little sister's wedding has come and gone. It's been over a year of planning, and now she is officially a wife. I hope she doesn't go into the post wedding depression like I did after my wedding. It was just so hard to go back [...]

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My Sister’s Wedding: Part 1

I have so much to say about my sisters wedding that I think it will take 2 parts to actually get it all out like I want to. It was the most beautiful day and she made the most beautiful bride! I was so happy to be a part of it as Matron of Honor, [...]

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