Aunt’s, Uncle’s and Friends

In my world, Aunt’s and Uncles are direct family members. They are my dad and mom’s brothers and sisters…bottom line. Captain Awesome on the other hand uses Aunt and Uncle much more liberally. A good family friend could be called Aunt. For him it’s a way to express a closeness to a friend, and now [...]

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Embracing life: My fight with Mesothelioma

Here is a guest post written by Heather who is a Mother and has Mesothelioma. Here is her story, and how she wants to help others. She'd like to turn mher pain into purpose and become someone that other parents can look to for guidance, inspiration, and hope in situations like her own. When someone [...]

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We Flew, We Saw, We Conquered Atlanta

Ok, so the title was a bit dramatic, and maybe we didn’t conquer much, but we did fly to Atlanta, and we did see a whole bunch in Atlanta. Captain Awesome is a HUGE Atlanta Falcons fan, and has always talked about going to a game. So, even before our little cherub was born, we [...]

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Having the Talk: Long-Term Care

Guest Post by Sasha I remember the first time I told my parents that I’d been asked out on a date. I remember them looking at each other, clearing their throats and sitting me down for “the talk.” Funnily enough, I remember less about the actual conversation than I do their obvious discomfort. (Well to [...]

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