Before you think…”OMG Jen is holding a gun!”….I will tell you that it’s a bee bee gun and I am shooting at cans (not very well might I add!). ANYWHO! Last weekend The Captain, our little man, our little Tinkerbell and myself hopped in the car and traveled to the Poconos to spend the weekend with my family. As a matter of fact Captain Awesome and I visited this house before two years ago when we went on a bit of a “weekend retreat” to heal after I had the miscarriage. It felt great to return this time with our son, and the rest of my family to spend some quality time together.

I’d like to give a shout out to my brother in law and sister for setting it all up. The house is owned by his family, and it was EXTREMELY cool of them to allow us to spend the weekend there. I love when we get to do things such as this with my family because I am a true believer that good memories are so important for a family and getaways such as this allows for many great memories to be created. Although we didn’t do much in terms of activities, just being together took us all out of our mundane daily activities to do and be somewhere different.

It’s funny that if you sit on your couch in your home it’s called being lazy, but if you sit around when you are away it’s called “vacation”. When my family gets together we do alot of sitting, but one thing that doesn’t lack is the laughter. Just give us a couple bottles of wine, a lot of beer and you get a recipe for silliness! Even when our night time bonfire got disrupted by 2 pesky skunks!

All in all it was a wonderful weekend away in the woods with my family. I was happy they got to love and play with our little man, and I always enjoy spending time with them. Maybe we can make this an annual thing!?