The other day I was putting away the 18 month white undershirt onesie’s that my son wore all winter because he obviously doesn’t need them now that it’s summer. As I did, I realized that those were the last onesie’s that my son would ever wear???? I couldn’t believe it. Is it really time to say bye bye to the onesie already?

How can it be that my son is almost out of clothes sized by months? He is just starting to fit into 24 months so I have a little time, but the fact that the onesies are all put away forever is crazy. For those that don’t know, they only make onesies up to 24 months. Now that it is summer I won’t be needing the undershirts. When the weather turns to cold again I guess he will wear a regular undershirt?

But forget about the logistics…that’s not the point…the point is that my little baby boy is growing up! The shirts that have kept his belly warm will be no more! I guess like every other little baby item, this too needs to be put away, but how can this be?

Am I the only one who has trouble with these things? How can he be getting so big??