We have finally made it!! 12 weeks! One of things I have most wanted to do during this pregnancy was to share the news with our little man. I have a feeling he knows something is going on even though I do my best not to use the word “pregnant” or “baby” around the house, but I have had a TON of phone conversations, and a lot of tears in “hiding” while he’s been home. I tried to be discreet, but what can you do? But we are officially 12 weeks pregnant and today we got to see that little baby moving around in my belly. The day has come. It’s time to share the good news!

Last time I was pregnant I bought the “I’m a big brother” shirt right away, and announced to the family by showing them his shirt. I feel lucky that he was younger and didn’t remember, or even know the shirt meant, because when everything fell apart I am not sure I could’ve explained to him what was going on. I couldn’t bare it. So this time we did nothing fancy at 8 weeks, and decided to wait to tell our son the good news will we had our 12 week appointment.

The 12 week appointment is my favorite. You can see the whole baby in one screenshot, and it’s the first time that I actually begin to realize that I am growing baby in my belly. One with hands and feet and a little nose that you just want to squeeze! While laying down watching the screen I was in awe. I finally allowed myself to feel happy and believe it was all real. I began referring to the baby as him or her and was able to talk about the “baby” itself rather than just in terms of a pregnancy. It was an amazing relief.

That night it was finally time to tell our little man about the baby. I had a “big brother” t shirt that I never used last time that we gave him. We sat him down and explained he would be a big brother. With the shirt we showed him pictures of the sonogram. It was the cutest thing ever! He was so super excited and decided that he wanted twins. A boy AND a girl. We tried to explain it didn’t work that way, but he insisted so we moved on. We video taped the whole thing and I am so happy we did. It is precious to watch and I know I will be happy to have it in the future.

Since telling him the good news he talks about the baby all the time. He sits and rubs my belly saying “I love you baby” and “nice baby”. I am hoping I can remind him of these good feelings when the infant crying begins, but for now I will revel in it. He asks things like “can the baby come with us?”, and I explain that the baby is in my belly and goes anywhere I go. He is so curious and I love it.

I am so happy to reach this milestone. I can’t even begin to describe it. Some people asked if I was scared to tell people still, and the answer is no. I have decided to let go alot of the fear. I want to share my joy and I am excited to do so. This baby deserves his or her mommy to feel happiness, and to feel at peace in my belly. That is exactly what I plan to give this baby….joy.