The Downfall of Yankee Candle

I am having a hard time writing this post because I just can’t believe it. As a tried and true Yankee Candle fan, I am saddened to have to report that I no longer think that they are are the superior candle brand. Although their candles are expensive compared to other brands, I have always found them to be the most fragrant and therefore worth the hefty price tag, but recently I have been EXTREMELY disappointed! What is happening dear Yankee Candle? What have you changed?

The problem started way over a year ago when I bought a Lavender Vanilla candle. I was excited to get it home to make my house smell nice and fresh. But when I lit the candle…I waited and waited for that great Yankee candle smell that normally fills my entire first floor…and nothing. Since then I have bought many more candles. I even asked the workers there what was up and their only response was that there are different “levels” of scents. Meaning that some candle scents will smell more than others. It makes sense, but if that’s the case..who wants the lowest level? And they really should mark those ones because I personally think people buy scented candles for just that..their scent! Especially ones that cost $25 a piece!

The final straw was this fall when I bought the Macintosh scented candle. I was so excited to put out my fall scent. Who doesn’t love the smell of apples? I lit the candle ready to get my house transported to the apple orchard…and nothing. Yes it smelled immediately around the candle. But the scent didn’t travel! Not like it used to. So I’m sad.

I have found my new superior candle though. The candles at Bath and Body works are definitely better. As a test I went out and bought 2 yesterday (they were having a sale..2 for $20!) . I lit it, and WOW! The whole first floor became fragrant like it used to with the Yankee candle. Have you ever tried the Frosted Cranberry from Bath and Body works? My mom just has a jar of it in her upstairs hall and even without lighting it the whole hallway is fragrant! Now that is the sign of a good candle!

The good news is I found a replacement for my candle fix…problem solved! What are your favorite candles?

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129 Responses to The Downfall of Yankee Candle

  1. Bummer! I like Yankee Candle’s Cafe Au Lait and Buttercream fragrances. I have tried some B&BW candles, and they were extremely fragrant.

    • Normally I like whichever ones I buy! Now I’m just nervous to pay the price if it’s not going to smell the house like I want 🙁 Buttercream is yummy though! 🙂

  2. I’m a true Yankee Candle fan too but I agree that the level is not all that great anymore. You wouldn’t believe how awesome the Febreze candles are. Try their pumpkin one…it’s amazing!

  3. Long time reader, first time commenter *hehe* …
    I love Yankee Candle, but my husband has some weird problems with candles, so I don’t really get to enjoy them like I’d want to. Recently I bought a Hazelnut Cream (I think that’s the name) candle from Wal-Mart for my office and I brought it home and hubby decided he wanted to light it and if it bothered him, he would just extinguish it. Luckily it didn’t bother him and surprisingly the smell filled up a large portion of our apartment. I’m not sure how many it would take to fill your home with the scent, but they may be a good deal to check. Just an idea. Also, have you tried the Yankee Candle wall plug-ins? I’ve used those and they’re nice, if you can find the scent you like.

    • I’m glad you came out of hiding! 😉 Did your husband like the new candle you brought home?
      I don’t have a big house so I’m sure it could be fine…thus far I haven’t had much luck with the regular store brand ones but if you give it a thumbs up I may give it a try! 🙂

      • Sorry for just now getting back to you. Yes, he LOVES the candle and he actually has lit it more than me, which is weirder than I can put into words, because of his sinus problems, but it makes me happy! 😀

  4. I totally agree – I have some older Spiced Pumpkin candles that still radiate the house with their yummy goodness but the newer ones don’t. I am bummed too about the candles…I will try the bath & body works candles! I love their wall fragrances!

  5. I LOVE the candles from Bath and Body Works. They have great sales on them from time to time and I totally stock up! I’m too cheap to spend $25.00 on a candle, so I have never actually purchased a Yankee.

    • I always sucked it up and paid because I thought it was worth the smell but not any more! You are right about the sales though. I was pretty happy with 2 for $20!

  6. I am also a “Yankee Candle Snob” and thought maybe my nose just wasnt working like it used to. I actually think the Candles in the jars at Walmart are doing a pretty darn good job for a $3-5.00 Candle! I have Cinnamon Bun burning right now and my whole apartment smells wonderful. I am also a fan of the frosted cranberry candle at Bath & Body…Need to get another one!

  7. i love yankee candles, but i can’t bring myself to spend the $$. I use B&BW as well — just got two newbies with the 2 for $20 sale as well! i have been doing some reading about the safety of scented plug ins/candle fragrances because they contain chemicals that can be toxic and are linked to cancer or asthma problems. there is a lot of information out there that supports/contradicts these saftey reports, but it does make me question how much i use them. there are so many things that are said to be ‘toxic’ out there, its tough to know which ones really are….especially, when they make your house smell so good and feel so cozy!

    • I have heard things about the safety of the oils too..not so much with candles. But like you said it’s so hard b/c the house smells so yummy! I am big on smells so I hope its ok! lol

  8. You are ABSOLUTELY right! I told this to my husband several months ago after buying a new candle — I said, “I bet they are using less fragrance oils or something.” I thought it might have been my nose at first but my older candles (especially Spiced Pumpkin) still smell the whole downstairs! I am really disappointed in them. I have switched to Beanpod Soy Candles. Their Hot Apple Cider is the bomb. I am glad I wasn’t going crazy and other people notice the change, too!

  9. I’m glad I”m not going crazy too! lol I wonder if anyone from yankee candle will read this and let me I wrote them on twitter about ! hahahha mmm that hot apple cider one sounds yummy!

    • Totally agree with you. One of my most personal Autumn favorites from Yankee Candle is Mountain Lodge. I simply LOVE the rich crisp woodsy scents but as soon as the candle is lit for an hour, not a hint of scent is revealed, let alone a throw, unless you’re willing to place your nose on top of the jar just for a quick smell. Even the company’s popular Honeysuckle has had the same issue. Thankfully Fresh Cut Roses is still living up to its name for its highly floral throw. Probably the reason the candles aren’t as popular as they once were is the company is condensing the amount of floral ingredients into their candles to weaken their potency. It’s a shame Yankee Candle, known for their rich illustrious candles, is loosing its reputation due to this scenting issue. I’m glad I’m not the only one with this problem.

  10. Me too. I have not bought Yankee Candels in a few years now, with one exception, one I burn at Christmas to have the smell of a tree farm, its been discontinued but I fouud one on a site last fall and its not called Christmas Tree. That said, I found, like you the $$$ and the quality do not match up any more. Too bad, the company has been around forever, they started the candles rage and they were always superior to the other store brands, now no so much. 🙁 I will also look at the plug ins to see if there is a scent I might like.

  11. I absolutely agree! I worked at BBW for several years and always loved their candles. Last Christmas I bought a Yankee candle because I had a coupon and then ended up buying a few more because I loved the fragrances. But I got them home and couldn’t smell any of them hardly at all! I never had a problem with the BBW candles. So I’ve definitely switched back. 🙂

  12. Hi, I was googling candles when I found your blog. I was not a Yankee fan for the past several years because the throw (scent) was not good. I went to Yankee candle store in the mall that sold nothing but yankee candles, diffusers, plug in’s, tarts. I bought a ton of them – specifically the Christmas scent (pine). They had several “christmas wreath”, “christmas tree”, “balsam pine”. I got home excited (like you) waiting to be transported back to childhood and I absolutely love the smell of pine trees. Nothing! Not even in the general area. I bought several plug in’s and nothing. I called the store thinking they wouldn’t believe me or think my “taste of smell” was jut not good but she replaced all the candles and still nothing. So I vowed never to buy from them again.

    UPDATE: I found a replacement brand myself – Gold Canyon candles. After searching over the internet and trying out various brands (TRAPP, Votivo, Texastriplescented, Candleicious, Romatique, Victoria’s candles, LOL candles and Salt City candles); I have found a brand with comprable quality – beautiful candles, lovely jars and get this – 2 wicks in each candle – (which in Yankee you can only get if you buy the Tumblers). The throws are magnificent! And I am picky.

    I will say, however, in the past 6 months I did pick up a couple Yankees in stores (target, grocery store) since they are everywhere, more for decoration than smell as I think they are pretty candles – and to my surprise the newer scents are great. Try Holiday Garland from yankee – its a beautiful pine (Christmas tree/hollyberry) scent. It does throw and its a beautiful Christmas green color. Also, “Fresh Cut Roses” throws nice in a bathroom (I buy the tumbler in this one) and it makes a difference. I love roses but have found most perfumes and candles have a “fake” smell..more like tinkerbell hand lotion used to smell like when we were kids..Yankee has real, authentic rose smell. Some times when I am in the bathroom I start looking for the flowers as I forget I have the candle lit and the smell makes me smile). Its beautiful.

    But please try Gold Canyon. They are alt You can order them online. To my knowledge they are not sold in stores but who cares, as I bought a ton of these – they have great throws. I have yet to find one that doesn’t.

    By the way, stay away from the mom/pop triplescneted candles. I made the mistake of trying these type candles and they looked “dirty” and smelled “dirty”. Maybe it is psychological (spelling?) because the wax didnt look that great. Gold Canyon makes beautiful candles just like Yankee only Gold Canyon’s actually smell! If I had to pick a Mom/Pop candle company that was decent it would be LOL candles (Laugh Outloud candles). I know, the name is strange, but they make good candles tht throw great. LOL candles specialty is “food” smelling candles ie. desserts, chocolate, pies, cakes,) etc. If you like those scents definitely try LOL candles.

    • Hi I sell Gold Canyon Candles they are “The World’s Finest”, I promise you will love them.
      Would be honored to help you order AND we do fund raisers with a 40% payback to the Organization.
      Try just 1 and you will be addicted (lol) thats how I became an Independent Demonstrator!

  13. I don’t use candles all that much but I love Febreze Noticables plugins. I love love love the vanilla scent that they just continued so I bought a lot of 12 on ebay.

    • After four years your article still has a bad title cause yankee seem to bloom their full glory.
      hope that you realized its wrong because sorry but putting up in the internet thi gs as downfall of yankee is just so untrue. They could sue that really… i just dont think they care having so many real fans for a group of people who apparently dont feel that scented candle smells. I have personally app. 200 Yankees at home and already burnt to the bottom app.50 half of my candles comes from 2013 and 2014. All of which represent great fragrance and i mean samely great for beach wood as for salted caramel. So dont knkw guys whats up there but i dont think yankee got any worse my oldest candle comes from 2008 and its equally perfect. Well but good luck with all the other brands that arent half that long lasting and burn quicker…

      • Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you are enjoying your yankee candles. I have to say that i still believe that Bath and body works candles are far superior and cost less when you get the 2 for $20! I am sticking by my post 😉

        • I know this is way after the post by yankee fan, but I totally agree with Jen, the owner of this blog. It’s the truth! I have had the exact same experience with Yankee and no longer purchase their candles. However, I have bought 100’s of B&BW candles over the years and I’m sad to say I’m now having the exact same problem with them! No scent out of at least half the candles I try. Plus, they’re up to 2/$24 on sale now. Why do these companies keep doing this? Raising prices and lowering quality is NOT the way to do business. Maybe these companies will read these comments, here and on other sites, and fix the problem. I just want my good smelling candles back! =(

          • Oh no really!? I have Eucalyptus Mint and it’s so strong right now! I hope BBand W isn’t getting bad! 🙁 Thanks for the comment!

          • It’s really hit or miss with BBW. There are still some candles that actually have scent, like Pumpkin Pecan Waffle. Just way too many that don’t. I still buy some tarts from Yankee and got one of their Scenterpieces. Some of those are still nice and strong, as least for now, lol. Thanks to your blog, I heard about Kringle Candles and they are indeed run by the founder of Yankee’s son. I ordered 3 to try out. The cost is the same as buying Yankee full price (which I never did) but if they actually have scent, I don’t even care. Fingers crossed that they’re good!

          • Hello all! I’m a big candle addict and I enjoy the more highly fragrant candles that fill a large room. I was a BBW fan for years but noticed the same scents I loved had began to loose their potency over the years, so I did some research.Turns out that BBW had enlisted the help of Salkin (spelling ?) to create a candle collection. Mr. Salkin had his own line candles and he believed in high quality wax and long standing fragrance. He recently (2013) left BBW, not sure why, but the change was obvious, the candles although still highly fragrant have lost longevity. If you notice the bottom label say they burn up to 20-25 hours in Mr. Salkin’s time they said they burned 60 hrs. Then I turned to Yankee Candle Co. and was very excited about their selection, however I found nothing new. The candles had standard fragrance longevity and the burn time they displayed on their bottom label is not accurate. Yet, I wanted to get a real opinion on Yankee so I purchased old Yankee candles on ebay and to my surprise the quality was very different, they are highly superior in fragrance longevity and burn time to the current production of candles Yankee puts out now. So, I guess I have learned that since both Yankee and BBW or I should saw White Barn (BBW Candle store name) are mass retailers its expected that quality is at best standard. So get them on sale if you still want them otherwise you are paying too much. I now buy Nest Candles, which are Mr. and Mrs. Salkin own line. Yes they carry a high price tag, but I buy less and the candles last more.

          • Wow, I have had the same experience. I had stopped purchasing Yankee Candles and became really impressed with the Bath and Body candles. However, the BB&W candles have lost my respect within the past year since they no longer have a throw, they don’t burn as evenly as they used to and they leave about an inch of unused wax at the bottom. I won’t be buying them any more. I have recently discovered Morenci candles and am pretty pleased with them. I have been reading your other posts as well and may try out some of the Gold Canyon’s.

            I am glad I found this post even though its old. I was beginning to wonder if there was something wrong with my sense of smell….

  14. I too was a diehard Yankee Candle fan for years and years but started noticing the lack of smell a few years ago. It was then that I also found Gold Canyon Candles while living in Arizona. Ladies, if you have not tried these candles yet, you are doing yourself a disservice. Not only are they beautiful and wonderfully made but they smell yummy! The scent will fill your home and they have so many scents to choose from. They are really wonderful and I am extremely picky. You can find them online at or if you are lucky enough to have a local home sales rep to purchase from. They are not sold in stores.

  15. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the quality of Yankee has gone downhill. Besides the diminished scent, the other thing that really bugs me is the lightening speed at which they discontinue scents. Seems they “retire” a lot of them way too quickly. I used to buy Yankee 100% of the time, now I just pick up a box of tea lights once in a while. What a shame!

  16. This last week I just picked up 6 at ross and marshalls for 9-10 each.
    The YC spiced pear from the Encore Collection is actually REALLY strong. (I picked up 4 of these ones) 1 fills my home. I lit 2 one in kitchen and one in living room and it was so strong my eyes were feeling irritated. I decided to keep it to one at a time. I’m thrilled it is not weak.
    One of the other ones I picked up was the YC pumpkin + cupcake swirl candle. I was thrilled when I found it because the smell was to die for BUT was truly disappointed to find that when I lit it I could hardly smell it. The last one I picked up was the Apple. I have yet to light it but am scared that it won’t really smell because the scent in the candle itself isn’t that strong.

    I will look into the Gold Canyon and Beanpod candles.

  17. I always figured a lot of what i “pay for” with Yankee is the R&D that goes into developing their scents. From what they said when i visited the store is that they start out with a lot of possibilities and do many “smell tests” to be sure only the best make it to production. I think Yankee smells the best and have been disappointed when i try other brands. SO….i stick with Yankee not b/c they have the best scent throw necessarily but b/c they smell so darn good…nothing ever smells as good to me.

    Thoughts my fellow candle lovers?

  18. I,too, strayed from Yankee…the smell took a dive after being sucked in with the initial awesome scent throw. Only to be thrown to the curb by them. Therefore, I became a tart user. I loved one particular brand so much that I bought the small business. I put my nose to the grind, and now I make MAXIMUM SCENTED TARTS right from my home garage, and people go absolutely nuts for them.

    My scientific research of each tart ingredient has allowed me to create a high-end tart for a low price…and better yet, they are so strong and fragrant, I now have managed to make each one of my tarts (yes, a single tart) lasts for at least an entire week. I am in the midst of an ecommerce website, but because I stay so busy, I am second guessing doing so. I sell a month’s worth of these tarts for under $ u know where I off to, and where I’ll be…in the garage! LOL…

  19. Most don’t realize that the original Yankee Candle owners sold the company a couple of years ago. The new company charges the same price as before but the quality has gone way downhill. I no longer buy Yankee candles. The original owner’s son of Yankee candle started his own candle comapany called Gold Canyon candles which is mentioned earlier in this blog. They are the same quality as the old Yankee candles. How do I know all this? My sister works for Gold Canyon up in Mass.

  20. Thanks Vanessa. That makes sense! I used to love Yankee because I worked at a Hallmark store and we sold them and I loved the smell of them, but the last few times I had got them they had no smell when I burned them. Even my husband commented that they didn’t smell. I have been burning the Slatkin candles sold at QVC and Bath and Body and they are what Yankee used to be. But will check out the Gold Canyon candles.

  21. I thought I would throw my voice in on this too. I absolutely agree, Yankee Candle has gone downhill, fast! A correction to a previous post, the founder of Yankee Candle Micachael Kittredge and his son have started a new candle compay called Kringle Candles. I’m not sure where the previous poster got the info about Gold Canyon candles but they are from Arizona and started by Karen Waisath, it’s a catalog/ party company.

    • Actually Gold Canyon is owned by Curt and Karen Waisath and are not related to Michael Kittredge II founder of Yankee Candle. Michael is actually partnering with son Michael Kittredge III “Mick” and has opened Kringle Candle Company. I haven’t tried them yet so I can’t say whether it’s father like son I just found their site and will be ordering one jar just to try it.

  22. I thought I was the only one who realized something was different with Yankee Candles. They have lost their scents. I have been a long time user of their candles, and am very disappointed with their products. Once in a while I get an old candle from their shelves, and they smell great..but the new ones are horrible.

    • Hi Debbie,
      I was a Yankee Fan for many years, then I found Gold Canyon. They do NOT lose their scent even after storing for 7 years!!
      No matter where you live you can order Gold Canyon, try 1 you will LOVE them. They also has wickless versions of the candle scents.
      I sell them now so I my Home always smells WONDERFUL!

  23. Just googled this and came here. My fiance was telling me he heard that yankee candles only scents the top few inches of each candle. I noticed something because one I recently bought seems to have lost all but a trace of the original scent. I won’t be buying from them again. Will stick to soy candles from now on. Great post!

  24. Three months ago, my sophomore class used Yankee Candle to fundraise and earn money for our Junior Prom Next year. The candles came two weeks late and almost did not make it in time for Christmas. Many items were missing from students’ orders and many got the wrong candles. We requested refunds and item changes and the items didnt arrive until two weeks after we requested them. Three months later and we still have not received our refunds. Now, Yankee Candle is requesting more money from our class because they claim we didn’t not pay them all of the money we should have, even though we did. We are extremely dissapointed with Yankee Candle’s service and the quality of their candles…

  25. I have been buying Yankee Candles for the past 11 years or so and YES they are NOT even CLOSE to what they used to be. Way back when I could go to the mall and come home with a nice size bag full of tarts (30 tarts or so) for around 30 bucks with tax, but now they want 2 dollars and change for just one. Besides the unjustifiable price hike, they cut the amount of scents they once had in stock by more then half, and now the scent is all but gone in what they still make. At one time I would spend between 40-80 bucks a month at Yankee, now I won’t give them a penny for their high prices, and very weak scent. Good job Yankee, you lost yet another loyal costumer of over a decade because of your poor quality and silly prices..

  26. Not only are the scents not as strong and the prices higher, have you noticed how much they smoke now? I’m done with Yankee Candles and am moving onto soy candles to avoid the smoke. But I still love Yankee Candles Boney Bunch! Can’t wait til August when they should be released!

  27. Please don’t waste your money on yankee candles, they smoke very badly. I’ve just spent a fortune having to have my house redecorated and my health has suffered. I’m not the only one, a quick google search will reveal more. Awful.

  28. also for those of you getting smoke its because you dont trim your wicks before every burn. trim the wicks you will see no smoke.

  29. I must have been in denial. I bought the “sample” which is tiny and only 1.99 to try out the apple berry spice scent and it didn’t release any scent so I convinced myself that it was the size so went back and purchased a bigger size for 15 and I can’t smell anything. I burned both for 3 hours.

  30. Hi. I read your blog with great interest. At 60, I decided earlier this year to try to learn to sell something… to supplement our income. My husband is a public school teacher of 15 years, and retirement in 18 months is going to be tough. I, too, was a die-hard customer/believer in Yankee candles. I noticed they had changed. Well, my husband ordered me some Scentsy warmers at his school. I was very impressed… so i jumped in and bought a kit to sell it. NO, I’m not a dealer now. I stopped before I got started. I think the thing I didn’t like most was that I had to break up the wax and when the scent was gone, I had to clean it out over a trash can with a paper towel. Yuck. I also would leave the warmer on overnight and then be mad that I’d wasted the scent when everyone was sleeping.
    However, sometimes I just love a REAL candle. You can’t beat it for the romance and ambiance. 🙂
    Then I found Gold Canyon. They sell both wickless/flameless warmers and REAL candles and all of the glitzy, sparkly, blingy 🙂 holders and decor to go with the candles, too. I was impressed because their warmer scents were in pods with tops. You warm the whole container, put the top on and use a different one… meaning I could change if I was in the mood for something else. But even better, all of their warmers have TIMERS built into the cord. Click once for ON and keep clicking to get a 4-hour cutoff or 6 or 8 or 12 hours. Whoa. Now that I loved. So, much to my husband’s dismay, I bought a kit to sell Gold Canyon. I’m honestly just a couple of months into this, but the rave reviews I get from every single person is amazing.
    About the strength and long lasting fragrance…. WOW. I put a warmer on for the 4 hour timer, and almost without fail, after about two hours, I turn it off because the scent has floated throughout my house. I found that if I burn their large Heritage (just like a Yankee candle) it does go all over. I use the smaller warmers and candles in various rooms if I want to change from room to room.
    Also, FYI, you can go onto any GC consultant’s web site and once you start shopping, in the upper right corner, you’ll see “Scent Lookup.” You can look up your favorite scents from a LOT of candle makers (including Yankee)& it will give you the scent names of all the GC candles that are close to the one you love.
    BTW, as long as you trim your wicks to 1/4″ before lighting each time — and GC sells the coolest WICK TRIMMER… sharp enough to cut your hand off. ha… your candles will burn cleanly. The GC candles are reported to burn 5 to 7 hours longer than the Yankee with about 90% less soot. So healthier!
    I’m impressed with the double and even triple wicks! There is NO WAX left in the jar when it dies. 🙂 No tunneling.
    Well, I do love my Gold Canyon. I don’t care if I become the best sales person for them… I will be a die-hard customer forever.

    • The original inventor and owner of Yankee candle is Mike Kittredge. He sold the company and gradually the candles changed. BUT!!!! He and his son have started to make candles again. I believe it’s called Kringle Candles. You can Google it. I have smelled them right from the jar and they smell like to old original candles. I will not be buying Yankee candles anymore and I have been purchasing them for 20 years. I have many in my home. Some of them emit a burning smell that seems toxic. I just purchased 4 Balsam Fir large jars and they are awful.

  31. Angie, I sell Gold Canyon Candles too and I LOVE them,nothing makes me happier than finding a new customer who cannot believe like us the fragrance availability and the aroma within minutes of lighting any of our Gold Canyon products….nice to meet you and good luck in your business, i’m in my 9th year of selling and going strong! Happy Holidays….I just earned my new catalogs and smellers FREE!

  32. Would have to agree as a long time yankee candle fan the candles just aren’t what they used to be . Thanks for the tip on bath and body works , will definetly check those out .

  33. Patti, I earned my samples & new catalogs free, too.

    That’s terrible about your fund raising experience. What happened to the Yankee Rep who helped you sign up to begin with? I’m going to start doing fund raising with my Gold Canyon Candles in about a week. I am EXCITED about it. can’t imagine the Rep not being there to help check it all in, sack it all up, and help you handle Any & All shortages or errors! Maybe it sounds crazy, but that’s FUN for me… and certainly the most important part of the Rep’s job. I’m going to make it clear that if they pick me, they get my services until the last “t” is crossed. again, I’m sorry to hear anyone at Yankee would do that. My integrity is at stake with every transaction… but it’s times TEN when helping someone raise money!

  34. Hi.  I’ve never posted anything before, but was looking online to find out if there was anyone else who felt the same as myself, in regards to the scent of the Yankee Candles not being as good as they used to be.  Of course, I totally agree with you, and it’s sad.  I’ve been a yankee candle freak for a very long time.  The minute I get up I light one, and any time that I am home, there is always one burning.
    I’ve also tried the Bath & Body Works candles, and absolutely love them!   They are all that I buy now!  Their fall fragrances are out and are great!
    Maybe if Yankee has enough negative feedback, they’ll change back to the way the candles were before!  ????

  35. I have found the same problem trying different scents of Yankee Candle, I just bought a large one on Amazon Sweet Pea for $25.00! no scent at all. I bought Home Sweet Home from Yankee Candle and same problem no smell at all, I’m going back to Bath and Body and use their candles that smell wonderful and half the cost.

  36. Very disappointed .. I bought a retired scent .. Roasted coffee and thought it was because it was old .. But my mom has tarts from years ago she said she still uses that have more scent . Honestly I hardly could smell anything ..they’re tea lights but thought with their rep.. They’d be great gifts (baskets)..I found a guy in eBay that triple scents his , they’re half the price and weigh twice as much .. I won’t be buying anymore Yankee candles ..

  37. I used to be the biggest Yankee Candle nerd..and have spent literally thousands of dollars on them. Last week I noticed that they had stopped smelling as good as they used to. I got the new catalogue in the mail, and wanted to use my buy 2 get 2 large jar coupon, but then decided that if I was going to spend $60 on candles, I should probably buy them for more of a reason than the cute picture on the label or the ‘idea’ of a scent that would never spread through my room. I assume it is to save money and get a higher profit percentage…another example of a corporation getting greedy and selling out.  Soooo, I have switched to a company named ‘Root’. They are expensive as well, but they actually smell really good and have a somewhat decent variety of scents. The marketing isn’t as creative or lovely to look at, but at least I know that I will smell them. Argg. Greed. Sigh.

    • I actually have very strong allergies to artificial fragrances, ESPECIALLY if they come out of paraffin candles. I haven’t been able to set foot inside a Yankee Candle store or go near the candle aisle for years but I also love having a nice smelling house. I buy the Root brand candles…they have cotton wicks and are made from beeswax and essential oils so they burn MUCH cleaner and have nice strong scents that don’t make me or my other family members who share the allergy have to leave the house.

      And their “Chocolateness” candle smells like brownie batter. It’s incredible.

      But as it said above about the different levels of scent, I’m one of those people who would prefer the lowest level of fragrance. There are plenty of people like me who want their homes to smell nice but maybe can’t handle the strong Yankee candles. Root is a happy medium for me. The scents fill my house but I don’t choke. 🙂

  38. I am so glad to find your post! I thought it was my nose! I have been disappointed for about a a year now. I am getting ready for bed and have had two Harvest candles burning on my main level all night. I came up from my basement and NOTHING. It sorta smells nice but it doesn’t give me that “yeah fall is here” feel like it used to so many no embers in my life. I wish I had taken advantage of the two for 20 sale but will be adding my name to the mailing list waiting for the next sale. :).

  39. I wish I had scene this blog a week ago.  I love Yankee candles and I still burn ones I bought last time I was in the USA.  I paid 100 dollars extra baggage because off all the candles I brought home to Australia and I still enjoy those candle when I rotate them back in. 
    Then last week I was shopping on ebay here in Australia and saw Yankee candles.  I got so excited and bought one of each from the seller.  Cost an absolute fortune for me, nearly 300 dollars because Yankee candles are very expensive outside of the US.  I unpacked my box, sniffed every candle and I’m truly disappointed. Scent is so weak, and when I burn the candles I cant smell them. I took out my old half burned “Home Sweet Home” and compared to the new one.  Same scent, but extremely weak.  All that effort/expense to get a rare candle( for Australia) and they are of no use except for decoration in the home. I know that fragrance is the most expensive ingredient in candles cause I make them for friends and family and to sell locally, but seriously, I cant sell candles for the price of a Yankee candle, but my candles have a beautiful throw.  I have to burn my candle at the same time as the Yankee one or my husband will notice the lack of scent.  I think he may get a bit angry if he thinks I spent all that money on candles for nothing, so I’m hiding their fault.  I won’t be buying Yankee candles anymore, although, I’m happy that Yankee candles inspired me to make my own candles, and I still like the combinations of scents they use  Thanks for this blog, I did think it was me at first, and now I have some other candle company recommendation to try out when I visit family next time in the USA.

  40. I too use to love Yankee… But must say Gold canyon candle blows them out of the water! I bought a Yankee Christmas wreath and Gold canyon holiday wreath… And its gold canyon hands down! They have a stronger scent.. Yankees large is 27 dollars vs Gold canyon 19 dollars… I love u gold canyon!

  41. I am a huge fan of Bath & Body Works/Slatkin & Co candles! They make clean-burning, strongly-scented candles that are inexpensive (especially when on sale) for the quality and amount you get. I also like the simple look of their tumblers better than the traditional jars like Yankee Candle’s. What I love the most about B&BW candles is that they are made using vegetable wax and lead-free wicks. I used to love Yankee. I still occasionally receive Yankee candles as gifts, and that’s the only time I use them now…

    • Bath and bodyworks is definitely my favorite now. And when they have the 2 for $20 sale!? Perfect! Thank you for commenting! I hope you continue to read!

  42. I had never bought Yankee because of the price. I used to buy a Carolina jar candle at Fred Meyer that threw out scent but they were replaced with Smith’s Marketplace and their candles don’t throw. I’ve tried Walmart Mainstays and no throw. Candles used to throw scent but since my regulars were a bust I splurged and bought 4 Yankee candles. I’ve burned 3 and only faintly caught a whiff of Pumpkin Buttercream. So I’m thinking what is wrong with me I can’t smell candles anymore? I know 10 years ago I could find many good throwing candle in regular stores at the mall and neighborhood.
    NONE OF YOU ARE WRONG. Quality in so many things has fallen. Don’t waste your time on Yankee they don’t throw. I will try BBW and Gold Canyon on your recommends. So Yankee got a bit of my money but I will not be a return customer and pretty soon they won’t be able to afford their spot in the mall. What a rip. I used to buy great smelling candles in the grocery store for less than $5, 10 years ago. Now they sell crappy candles in the mall for $27. My income has not gone up in 10 years. It seems like this is the story of America.

  43. I used to be a Yankee snob but now I burn any quality brand that is on sale. I have bought Yankee at full price only a handful of times. I always wait for their buy one get one free sales or semi annual sales. I discovered Kringle a couple years ago and they are top notch. Village Candle and Colonial Candle are great too. I also burn B&BW but they only last up to 45 hours. You’re getting so much scent because of the 3 wicks, 3 flames = 3 times the oils being burned. But I completely agree something has happened in the last 4 years to Yankee quality.

  44. Hi, just randomly found this blog. Freedom candles are superior! Try them! I have been a loyal fan for about twenty years. They are a small independent company out of Connecticut. Check out their store site at They ship all over and produce awesomely scented candles. They take pride in their little shop as being fully scented and quality candles. Trust me, you will be amazed. Pretty too! If you live nearby, stop in the store in granby, ct. But do yourself a favor and try some via shipment if you need to. I always rave about them to whomever is interested in candles. I burn them constantly, and these do the job wonderfully. My house is rather large, too. Anyway, enjoy!

  45. Some people choose the “lower” fragrance level due to the fact that if it’s too strong it messes with their sinuses. Others say they just prefer something light. If you want a strong fragrance try their Tumblers, they have too wicks which means they’ll give off a stronger fragrance but it will burn faster. I had the same problem so I switched to their Tumblers which solved it for me. If you expect your whole home to smell like the one single candle, try fragrance layering. The strength of the fragrance diffusion depends solely on room size as well. Most people I know as well as myself prefer to have a specific fragrance for their kitchen than what they want for lets say their living room or bedroom. You kind of just have to experiment and find a combination that works best for your home. 🙂

    • Interesting take on it. I never thought that pay may NOT want the smell to be strong for the reasons you mentioned. I just noticed that they used to have ones that made my whole house smell..and now the same ones won’t do that anymore? But you may have a point…

  46. Bath and Body Works makes the best candles. They have the best sales 2/$22 and if you do have a problem you can return the candles. During their sell, I buy 3 candles for the price of one with the survey coupons. They are awesome and affordable.

  47. Hi jus found this blog, what a good read, over here in england uk yankee candles have become so expensive and lighty fragrant that I now only buy there wax tarts, my fave at the moment being the strong baby powder! Wonder if anyone can help me also…. Jus latley I’ve seen simply home candles by yankee candles? What’s the difference as I’m confused! I so agree with you all about there now lack of scent, and I used to be a massive yc fan!

  48. Haven’t been on here for a long time, but I’m still sold on Gold Canyon. I have just never found anything as strong. And Gold Canyon guarantees they are the strongest. It’s in the front of their catalog. I haven’t had the time to devote to selling lately, but I order so much wholesale for myself, I’m still getting commission checks on just my sales. Ha. I LOVE them!

    Just my two cents.

  49. I stopped buying Yankee candles a long time ago. Each time I bought one, I would light it and it would burn a tunnel right to the bottom, drown the wick, and be useless. After returning several of them, I gave up. The candles I love now are Village Candles. They burn evenly and last a very long time. They cost about $21 for a large and about $17 for the medium size. I purchase them at Giant grocery store.

  50. i have tried yankee candles, village candles , tyler candles, goose creek candles, bath and body works candles , woodwick candles, colonial candles, country living candles and lots of other brands…my favorite candles will always be CIRCLE E CANDLES from texas…and my # 2 favorite brand is bath and body and #3 brand is colonial candle

  51. Was excited to buy my first Yankee candle from local greeting card shop here in Scotland after seeing them on QVC shopping channel. Spent ages choosing it and eventually selected the True Rose scented one. Unfortunately, like all the posts before I am bitterly disappointed in the utter lack of any fragrance whatsoever from my candle. Sorry to say my first Yankee candle will also be my last.

  52. I have been buying yankee candles since they have been out. I worked for a gift shop and we sold a lot( this was in the early 80’s). But the last few years they have not smelled like they use to. When they had the country heather you could smell it over your house within minutes. I will try the bath and body candle.

  53. Recently moving near a Yankee branch, I have given them a second shot…well technically I never left them completely. Anyway, they have reinstituted better quality, I believe. I have discover many new and incredible scents that carry extremely well in my 2400 sf home! I am excited as they always held a little spot in my heart, and felt bad when they were slipping. Their customer service is outstanding btw. Their new God BlessAmerica scent is beautiful and there are many others. You may want to give them a second chance, too. I still buy other brands as well, but don’t refrain from Yankee.

    • Thanks for the heads up! I agree..there are some that are better than others. Thanks for the tip on the God Bless america one!

  54. I couldn’t agree more. I actually just conducted a test. I found an old Pumpkin candle in the back of one of my cabinets. I lit my Black Coconut candle (which is a new scent) and the Pumpkin at the exact time. You cannot detect ANY of the Black Coconut, but can smell the Pumpkin throughout my condo. Very disappointing. Especially since they just raised their prices to $27.99 a piece! UGH! I cannot even smell the Black Coconut when I stand directly over it! :/

  55. I came across your blog while Googling for info on Kringle candles based on my disappointment with the quality of Yankee Candle products. It’s so good to see it’s not just me, or my nose, that are dissatisfied! I primarily purchase their tarts and I think I noticed the change about 2 years ago when a tart that used to fragrance my whole house would barely fill the room it was melting in. As they come out with new scents I buy them hoping the quality has come back, but it hasn’t. I need to break the cycle, as it’s the true definition of crazy!

    I discovered Bath & Body Works candles last Fall and the throw on many of the scents I picked up was amazing. But more than a few had the “drowning wick, wax pooling” or “tunneling” problems and had to be exchanged. It’s too bad they can’t get that resolved, as I never saw a Yankee Candle burn like that.

    But what I really wanted to ask you is if you have noticed the poor quality of the BB&W candles this Fall. I exchanged 2 thinking I had just gotten a bad batch, but ultimately returned those plus 4 more. Leaves, Autumn, Cider Donut, Apple Ale, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Pumpkin Caramel Latte all had NO scent whatsoever even when burned in the smallest room in my home. So now I am just using their oils and even those are hit or miss with some fragrances.

    • Oh no! I haven’t tried the fall ones! I was just going to order them! I hope not. I would be really disappointed. The only yankee candle that works for me is the sage and citrus. That one still makes my house smell good. And Home sweet home around the holiday. Yankee candle responded to this post and said that their scents all have different levels of scent and you supposedly can ask their sales people what will smell more? They sent me a few and they were good. It’s just so hard when it’s hit or miss! I will try the fall scents and let you know at bath and body works….fingers crossed!

  56. You may want to go sniff them first at a store if you have one close by Jen. My original order was placed online, but since I had to be in the store to do returns I started sniffing and the difference just in the cold scent was obvious. Other customers were even commenting. Something has changed, but both the store manager and the CSR I talked to at Corporate are denying it.

    Yankee Candle talked me into trying their Double Wick Tumblers recently and promoted them as the candle with the strongest throw. So I bought 4 at the last Buy 1 Get 1 online and three out of 4 have no scent…Autumn Wreath, Harvest and Caramel Pecan Pie. The funny thing is that I was at the store returning my Sage & Citrus disappointment when they made this recommendation. I’m glad that one is still working for you! I gave up on Home Sweet Home candles last year. Even the tarts barely fragrance a room for me.

    I look forward to your feedback on the BB&W Fall candles.

      • Just one more thing I forgot to add. As not to be totally negative about BB&W, I did discover 2 candles that still have a decent throw – Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and Cinnamon & Clove. If you like oils, the Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and Farmstand Apple are AMAZING and fragrance my whole house (1500 sq ft) when they are burning in my bedroom.

  57. I used to be a Yankee Candle fanatic but after getting so disappointed in my last few purchases I decided I wasn’t going to do it anymore. Then I found Goose Creek Candle! They look almost identical to Yankee and the fragrance is what the Yankee Candle used to be. They are wonderful. I recommend everyone to try them. They are good clean burning two wick candles with a wonderful fragrance throw. I’m excited to have found them.

    • I also am in love with Goose Creek Candles. The scents are amazing and they fill my whole Home, much better than any other candle I have burned in the past They are smokeless and clean burning. I love them so much that I invested in them and now sell them independently. Amazing all around !

  58. I used to love Yankee candles and will admit, still buy if they are having a good sale or I have some coupons. During a hospital trip to the Gift Shop I decided to try some candles they had there! They ran about $20 but I took my chance!!I am thrilled I took that chance because they are simply amazing. If burning, you can smell them before entering our home. If it is a small room, you can remove the lid and smell the scent! I would definitely recommend them and they can be purchased on line! They are called Tyler candles. I usually purchase from Amazon as I am a Prime member!

  59. Check out this page on Face Book for candles:
    The company is owned and operated by a small family and I know they are in the process of creating a web site so they can sell candles through out the country. The owner is also in the process of setting up an Esty Store Front, although both of these take time. But if you look, there are at least 1000 different fragrances including some of your favorite Yankee Candle Types. And she sells them at a low cost and also makes scented wooden roses that smell incredible. It’s worth checking out and at least being added to the group to find out when the web site will be up and running. And, this woman personally sends 40% of every sale to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. That’s 40% so every 5 dollar candle (8 oz candle) 2 bucks goes to Cystic Fibrosis and she gets a 3 dollar profit. So it just goes to show you how much of a mark up there is on the other candles out there.

  60. I got tired of paying high $ for good candles or low $ for candles with no throw. I told my wife I think they put in some wax and a drop of fragrance on the top, so you would smell this when you opened the candle.
    So I checked around and found a local company that sold everything I needed to make my own candles, and they gave me free tech support and pointers. I now make my own candles for about $5 apiece. I get to pick fancy or plain jars, my own colors and fragrances. I can also mix fragrances and really add some extra for great throws.
    Last time I went by I bought open glasses with reeds and some dilution oil, went home and now have several diffusers around the house. I used the oils I already had on hand, even better.

  61. Agree, My wife and I have enjoyed these for many years but as of a few years ago we stopped buying them. They just are not the same quality

  62. Honestly, you will love the Gold Canyon candles. They burn with the least amount of soot released in the air, they are soooo fragrant… one large candle can make a small house smell like a dream. They burn all of the wax without leaving several inches of wax with the wick tunneling downward. They cost about 9 CENTS PER HOUR to burn, & I Can’t tell you how good they are. I had to stop buying Yankee, more because of the lack of scent after it burns a little while. I’m still impressed with Gold Canyon.

  63. I have a pretty decent supply of sample tealights. email me at and send me a physical address where I can send to you. I’ll send anyone samples that wants to try it. Remember, put it in a bathroom… or some small room. With something as small as a tealight, it can’t be expected to fill a huge room. Send me the TYPE scents you like, and I’ll try to send you the right kind, as supply lasts. Like, clean/soap type, fruit, woodsy, baking food, flowers… YOU KNOW. 🙂 I sooooooooo love my Gold Canyon… think you’ll be impressed. The scents are listed on… but I, of course don’t have ALL of them. Thanks. Angie

  64. I found your blog because I was googling what had happened to the quality of Yankee Candle! Over the last two years I have bought candles from Yankee time and time again, only to return them because there is no throw at all. I too am left wondering what happened to Yankee. When I first started to buy them, and no matter from which category – Fruit, Floral, Food & Spice, Fresh – they always filled my apartment like no other candle. But the last few quarters, it has got worse and worse, with only one of the four fragrances being worth it.

    Most recently I bought Orange Splash and had to just take it back the next day. It was lit for 3 hours and spelt of nothing. I don’t know if Yankee are skimping on oils or have changed the wax but I get nervous now buying a candle from them and have to stick to tarts otherwise it is a hassle to keep taking them back the very next day.

  65. So glad I found this post. This the first time ever commenting…..that alone says A LOT for me!! lol I have always loved Yankee and BBW. Until yesterday! I ordered a couple of the large candles from Yankee about a month ago for fall. I decided to crack one open yesterday and begin to experience my home being filled with a lovely warm smell of salted caramel. Well, it went like this. Wait for it…….wait for it……wait for it…leave for the dr (hubby still home)come back two hours later and IM was still waiting for it. I am so disappointed. I decided to get online and do a search to see if I was the only one. Glad I found out I wasn’t!:) Ill stick with my BBW and walmart candles from now on. MUCH cheaper and much more amazing! Thanks for the post! Oh and BBW has a sale today….2/$22 candles plus plus 25% off!! I had an email that even gave me free shipping on top of that!

    • Yes! I experience the same thing! Thanks for the comment! Yes the BBW ones are soo much better and when you get 2 for $22 its such a great deal! I have an apple one right now and it makes my whole house smell wonderful!!!

  66. I to am angry about Yankee Candles. I have tried buying them and being dissapointed, have taken them back to the store every time. I am sitting here with a brand new Vanilla Cupcake candle , cannot smell a thing. I am finished with Yankee. Why do the stores even buy them to sell to customers anymore? Yankee has jacked up prices and cut down the scents. Now I have to drive 15 miles to return these candles.Yankee customer finished!!!

  67. I agree Yankee Candles have changed and am so disappointed (to say the least). It was one of my few splurges that brought much pleasure after a long day at work. The only candles that Yankee make, now, with any throw to speak of is the double wick tumblers. The one burning right now (Sunset Lake) is nice, very fragrant. But I have, at least, a dozen of the single wick, jar candles that are useless. After reading these comments I visited the Gold Canyon site, then checked for reviews online to choose fragrances. This site showed up and after reading think I will pass on these. It may be a problem that has been taken care of but if not it wouldn’t be worth the mess that could be created to find out.

  68. I too was a big fan of yankee candle. Before I didnt think twice about spending the money on them. Now situations have changed and ive nkticed they don’t fill the hoise with the fragrance. So I foind an alternktive ive recently fell in love with the bhg candles (better home and garden) brand. I found at walmat 5.00 and change for the large candle oh my goodness the crisp fall leaves is my now faborite fall scent. The whole house upatairs and down smells like a fall wonderland.

  69. I am a candle nut. I burn candles all day everyday in my home. If you want the best scented candles that will make your entire home smell with wonderful things. Then you want the Heritage Candles. They are out of Tucker Georgia. Very small company with out of this world candles.
    They are also inexpensive. You can get them on eBay for $11 for the mason jar size. I have been using this company for over a decade. I have tons of favorites with them. Especially Maple Pancakes! Try it and you will be hooked!

    Yankee candles are horrible. After they were sold they have been going down hill. I have taken back every candle I purchased recently from them due to this. They will be out of business soon. If they don’t add more scent to the candles.

    I also use Bath and Body Works candles. They are great, love the Xmas and holiday scents. They are really good. I always wait for the 2 for $24 dollar sale then stock up.

    Finally, if you want a high end candle with a “perfume” scent then Tyler Candle Company is the way to go. They are pricey but worth every cent. My favorite it called High Maintenance. They also make a laundry wash with the candle scents!

  70. I have mixed feelings regarding Yankee Candles. It’s a hit or miss with the fragrances lately. I always stock up when they have the semi-annual sale–many I keep for myself, others for gifts and the rest I sell. I prefer the 2 wick tumblers as opposed to the traditional 22 oz. jars because they have a better burn and the wax has more soy. Right now I’m burning the Juicy Watermelon in the 2 wick tumbler and it’s VERY fragrant! I find Fresh Cut Roses, Beach Walk, Island Spa and a few others are highly fragrant as well. It also depends on the layout of your home (venting, etc.). If my hubby can smell it (and he has sinus problems), then I know it’s a winner, lol. I love the Holiday scents as well. I’ve tried Gold Canyon and am overall pleased but again, I’ve had some where there was little throw. I agree with Bath & Body candles—highly fragrant! The only problem is, they burn up too fast. They need to make larger then the 14.5 oz jars. A few years ago, they did have a few scents in these huge jars but I’ve only seen that once. My absolute favorite used to be Illuminations until the company closed doors. Later on I found out that Yankee Candle owned that company..?? I told one of the YC sales reps in the store, if that’s the case, WHY don’t they use the same wax as they did with the Illuminations candles? And why not as fragrant? Of course I got a “run around” answer, lol. Anyway, that’s my two cents. 😉 As far as the lady who said YC can sue for Jen’s blog—why? It’s freedom of speech? If they allow reviews on their website, even the negative, what is wrong with a blog? Oh and I almost forgot, Calvin Klein/NEST candles are da bomb! Sometimes hard to find and a little costly, but if you do come across them, give them a try. 🙂

    • thanks for the comment! ya seriously…aren’t I allowed my review? YC actually reached out to me after this post and sent me some samples. They were very nice about it.

  71. I agree Yankee also is not a clean burning candle. The glass turns black I don’t see that with village candles. Village also burns for hours and all the way to the bottom with no black on the glass. Trying a new candle from patch nyc will keep you all posted. Also village has great sales if you register with them and are great to deal with.

  72. I am so disappointed with yankee candle … How could they even sell their brand in Wal-Mart!!!!!! I love them so much and now their signature candle scent does not last as long as it should have . Why would they do that? When Jardian bought them I knew it would be the beginning of the end. I only wish I had enough money to keep their signature brand intact.

  73. Different Anne than previous poster. I didn’t read every post because there were so many spanning 5 years…wow!
    I wanted to put a word in for dw…they are expensive, but one of the ones you don’t even have to light to enjoy. Made in Vietnam.(to me anywhere is better than China) pplus you can get with crackling wood wick and Slatkin/White Barn/ B&BW (glass made in China, but candle made in USA) those are the two more aromatic I have found. Pier 1 are also ok,but not quit as fragrant. I have sold Vintage and high end clothing on ebay for 13 years and I always keep candles where I store my clothing…(along with baking soda)Makes my clothes smell yummy without putting anything on them that someone may have a reaction too. Great post!

  74. Interesting reading all of these posts as I went on the internet tonight to try to find a site that rated by “throw” or “scent” so I can avoid buying anymore Yankees that don’t have decent throw. My new apple pumpkin candles I got this past week smell good, but not the intensity that I look for – I would say they freshen the air more than they smell – however, I also bought a “new” one – Maple Pancakes – that has an amazing scent and throw; however, they are no longer making it – I think I got the last one in my local store, darn it! I will try the bath and body works next. I did buy a few Root candles and they didn’t smell at all – my apple pumpkin Yankees were better than they were. Also – I have trouble with the wicks in every one of the YC paraffin tumbler candles. So….yes, I have noticed a decline though I am going to try one of the encore spiced pear because that one used to be a favorite – here’s to faith!

  75. I am another person that agrees with the downfall of Yankee! Every time I buy a candle from them, get it home and burn it I say I am done with Yankee! But then I get a coupon and get sucked back in. The only candles I seem to have any success with at all is the 2 wick tumblers but they don’t burn nearly as long as the large jars for the same price! I am so disappointed in Yankee and do not want to give them my business any longer. My aunt owns a local all soy candle business and she has excellent throw and even, clean burns! I am sticking with her from now on! She does not have as extensive of a scent selection as Yankee but it is big enough! Love them! It is Beacon D’Lites in Beacon, NY!

  76. i used to be a huge yankee candle fan in highschool. I havent bought one in over 5 years (college debt.. no one wants to pay almost $30 for a candle) I found a great deal on black friday for the small tumblers (normally $16) for $5. I bought 2- turquoise sky & Home sweet home. I burned both and the scent just has no throw. Nothing at all except when your nose was up to it. Thankfully Yankee let me exchange a slightly burned candle. I exchanged turquoise sky but kept home sweet home. While it still lacks, it does have a nice scent. I keep it on the shelf above my sink. Great smell when doing dishes. I own a few candles from BBW and i agree… MUCH better candle. I can smell it even when not being burned (Sweater Weather!!!!!)

  77. seriously? a candle cant produce enough soot to appear on someone’s nostrils. the room would have to be on fire.

    i read a couple of those ppsts and decided to investigate. there have been no legitimate complaints against Gold Canyon. Not even a long time ago. i also read where the same people who posted those comments were selling a competitor’s candles. Sad.

    just use your heads, and remember if you dont TRIM YOUR WICKS, any candle will burn smokey. Read up on the Gold Canyon candles. Their quality control on soot is better than most. andddd, their strength /ability to fill rooms with fragrance is HIGH. I think its in the front of the catalog.

    i loved Yankee Candles years ago. But when it was sold… quite awhile ago, its never been the same. Just my opinion. ?

  78. I totally agree. First the company went private bought out by an equity firm. Then they sold to Jardin Co the makers of Sunbeam appliances. These type of companies are not looking for quality only for a competitive advantage. They cut costs and still try to make money with a substandard product. I love Yankee always have. I yearn for the day Yankee candles lasted so long that they strength filled the entire downstairs of my home. I want to write and find out what happened and wonder if the person who created these candles is still around to see the demise of one of the most beloved candles.

  79. I was searching for Yankee Candle plug-in reviews, and this page was one of the results. I now know I’m not crazy. I can’t burn candles because of my pets, but I love plug-ins. The problem I have with them is that before they’re even half empty, they stop smelling completely. WTH? I’ve swapped the bottles with new ones, and nothing changed. I think it’s the plug-in, itself. I think they burn out after a while, even tho they’re not supposed to. I emailed YC today about the problem. We’ll see if I get a response.

  80. Well, I haven’t used there plug ins in a long time. I would guess since they have been bought by another(and another) their plug ins aren’t as good anymore either. (Just an assumption ) Have you thought of using Scentsy or tarts? I have a neighbor who takes candles and puts them on a coffee cup warmer without lighting. (Don’t know how safe that is, but her house smells yummy!) You could try White Barn. I used to use those…haven’t used them in a while either. I often put my used wax from burned down candles in a small pot on my stove on the lowest setting. (I don’t know how safe that would be considered either, but I used a dedicated old pan and only do when I am in the kitchen cooking.) It only works for a few days them I replace with more wax when it loses scent.

  81. I just cancelled a $70 online order with them after experiencing the worst customer service reps I’ve ever come across (and one of them was a supervisor!). I was told “There’s nothing we could do for you” & “I don’t know what you want us to do about it”. How about offering a coupon, discount, etc. for an extremely upset, unsatisfied customer instead of losing my friends & family (ad well as myself) from ever purchasing your products again! I was a die-hard fan of this company, even giving their candles as wedding gifts. Now, never again. All because I added 16 items into my shopping cart, spent only 5 minutes shopping, but when I went to check out the candle I needed most had “sold out” while it was in my cart already! They don’t even give you 5 minutes to shop & they sell an item right out of your shopping cart.

  82. I agree! I ususally burn the tarts, however the tarts do not smell like the scent they are labeled to be. no matter which one I burn it seems to have the same “general” scent nothing distinguishable, if I burn macintosh it does not smell like apples! HOWEVER!! The Son of the Yankee creator has come out with his own line called KRINGLE and WOW!!! those candles are much, much better then yankee and they do smell amazing! I only burn the tarts so I can’t say how much the jars do, but Please google the KRINGLE candles and see for yourself. I LOVE THEM but very retailers carry the line, u will have to order online if not in a store close by. Bath/body works does have really good candles as well and better sales on their 3 wick candles.

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