shoveling neighbors

Our house!
Our house!

Living in a townhouse community has its ups and its downs, but one of the major perks is knowing that when it snows someone else is in charge of plowing and shoveling us out!

Snow Day

Here is our house! March certainly came in like a lion this year and dumped about 8-12″ of snow on our little community. Working from home is a great luxury because when we do get snow, I can choose not to brave the inclement weather. Therefore, I sit up in my little office watching others get into their cold cars and face the snowy roads. I must say that during those days I am eternally grateful to be in the position I am in.

Rescued from the Snow Quickly

This particular snow storm had many of my neighbors home too! Around noon I went outside while they insisted on shoveling the driveway (even though I told them the complex would eventually do it). It was freezing! Down the street was the group of men who are responsible for shoveling us out. It is about 5 of them. After the plows take care of the street they go by hand and shovel the sidewalks. It is worth every penny of our maintenance fees to have this taken care of. It is certainly fun to have neighbors to visit with when the weather gets bad.

I Have It Good on Snow Days

I sometimes think I am spoiled to have such good neighbors. Not only are they my age, but they are extremely helpful! I guess we are also spoiled by having others shovel us out! I tell my husband regularly that this won’t always be true, and you can bet on the fact that I won’t be shoveling. In my opinion that is a man’s job, and I intend to always keep it that way!