moms wish listLast year I decided to try something different and type out exactly what I wanted for Mother’s Day. it worked like a charm, and if I remember correctly Captain Awesome hit pretty much everything on the list. This year the list is a little tougher because there is a bit of a discrepancy between what I would LIKE to happen on/for Mother’s Day and what can or will happen. Why? Well because normally I would ask for things like lots of sleep, but it seems that no matter what I do a good nights rest or even sleeping in is a pipe dream. Same goes for the wine I always ask for. Not as fun to ask for wine when you are preggers. I can still have my ONE cup of coffee, so I guess I can cherish that. Either way I am going to make this list and try to be realistic. When not!? It’s Mother’s Day!

My Mother’s Day Wish List

1: I still am going to request sleep even though I doubt it’s in the cards for me. I want the little dude to sleep past 6:45 (which is when his tot clock turns green), because as I said last year, even if The Captain gets him I will hear him get up, and these days it is almost impossible for me to go back to sleep. Actually, I have been waking on my own at 5:30 and having trouble falling back to sleep. Oh what happened to the days of lounging in bed till 10…Hey, if I make it to 8 I will be in heaven!

2: COFFEE and BREAKFAST: This part of the wish list is flexible. I of course want my morning cup of coffee, and of course I want breakfast and I want both of these things in peace and quiet. I know Captain Awesome is leaving in the morning with the little man to do breakfast with his mom so it depends if I am up and out of bed when they leave or not as to how both of these things will happen. If I am up and downstairs before they leave then my request is for Dunkin Donuts Iced coffee, and an egg and cheese sandwich on a roll from the deli. If I am still sleeping, then I request not to have these things because I don’t want my iced coffee to get too watery and the egg and cheese sandwich to get cold by the time I get up. Biggest thing I don’t want to do is run out and get it myself. So if the latter happens then I will quietly sip my coffee that I make at home while watching some of my wonderful shows on TV like I used to in the mornings.

3: Presents: hmmmm Last year I told Captain Awesome exactly what I wanted but I have yet to do that this year, and he hasn’t asked. I am hoping he has some super surprise in store for me. I mean especially since I am carrying his baby and have been for 5 months. Not to mention it hasn’t been a cake walk this time. So presents are a must….he knows that…A guide for him? hmmmm…I am out of my Angel perfume so that could be something to refill (the star bottle is on my dresser). I’m not a huge spa fan cause I don’t love doing things on my own and hate massages, but before the little man was born he got me a 3D sono and that was fun. It’s not fancy or romantic but we need new phones for the house? Can I ask for that? Can I ask for the nursery to be done as a present? Like crown molding and painted? All exactly as I want? That would be a pretty great gift…OK…I’m out, but I think those suggestions are good a good start…hint hint Captain! Some of you may think…hey it’s only a few days before the big day!? Of course he has your present already…to you I say HA! I know my husband…he is still looking for ideas.

4: I asked for a craft from the little guy last year, but this year I know I will be getting stuff that he made at pre school when I go to his Mother’s Day Tea. He did tell me he wanted to buy me a necklace, so it would be fun if he picked something out for me. Nothing costly, just something he saw and wanted to get me. That would be cute. Also, I have decided that I may want to start a new tradition. Or should I say I want The Captain to start one. I saw someone post the other day about a “Mother’s Day Notebook”. Basically instead of a card, each year you have your child write something or draw something in this notebook. Someday, when they learn to write you can see the progression of their writing, and it would be something I could cherish and keep forever. I think it’s much more special than a card….so if you are reading this Captain Awesome….go for the notebook.

5: I want to spend the day as a family, and I want this day to be a pleasure for me. Last year we took a ride out to the vineyards, went to a farm so the little man can play and didn’t even make it to the winery due to the fact that the little dude was exhausted and cranky, but it was such a nice day. Weather permitting I’d like to do something like that again. A day as a family makes me smile, and to be honest our time as a family of 3 is ticking away, so we better enjoy it while we can.

6: Food: I’d love a lunch outside somewhere. Weather permitting of course but I am ready for that. The sun makes me smile. Dinner? Friendlys…my favorite. A little Grilled Cheese and french fries is enough to make anyone’s day. Especially mine!

7: I don’t want to deal with any fits. NONE! The little man can easily turn from an angel to a beast at the drop of the hat and for this day I don’t want to deal with it at all . I don’t want to listen to it. So whatever it takes for that to happen…let’s make it happen.

8: This is reaching, but I want the day to be special. I want it to be all for me, and I want NOT to clean the house at all. I want lots of “I love you mommy’s” and “I love you wife’s”. Since it is normally me who caters to everyone else in this house I want this day to cater around me. I will milk the day for all it’s worth. So be prepared Captain Awesome…

Maybe Captain Awesome will surprise me with something I haven’t thought of. It’s hard to surprise this girl because I tend to have my hand in planning just about everything, but maybe this time it will happen. In the mean time I think I have given a pretty good script.. What do you think?

What’s one thing you want for Mother’s Day?