You get married and you are so happy. You get a small place and start planning your life together as husband and wife. Even though it is a small place, it is your place. You have fun buying furniture to put in your corner of the world. You decorate and start hanging some pictures. Life couldn’t be better.

You realize that there is something wrong with this perfect picture. You find ants. You find ants in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and in the bedroom. You are so perplexed because you both are really trying to keep this place clean and tidy. “How could there be ants?” you say. You wonder what kind of ants they are. Are they acrobat ants, big-headed ants, fire ants, thief ants, pharaoh ants, or little black ants? You never realized there were so many different types of ants.

Now to the store you both go on your date night. You look through the shelves of bug killer and wonder what one would help you with your problem. You pick a can with a bright yellow label. “That should do it,” you say to yourself. You can’t wait to get home and start spraying the little pests. You spray here and you spray there. Your wife says to spray here and spray there. You watch as the ants curl up and die. You think this might have just solved your first problem as husband and wife.

Fast forward two days later. You are in the kitchen making breakfast before work. On your nice white kitchen counter, you see a line of black moving towards you. You let out a gasp and tell your wife that they are back. The ants are definitely back. You both let out a sigh and think about Plan B.

Most definitely, Plan B should be a visit to There you can find out about the different pests that can ruin your day. They will give you answers to your pest questions and put you on a good path to be pest free. Don’t wait. If you have a pest problem, contact the professionals. 

Some other pests that you may run across are beetles, spiders, centipedes, earwigs, moths, and wasps, to name a few. Unfortunately, that is just a few of the pests that can invade your space and make life increasingly miserable. Our newlywed couple only encountered the ants. But there are always a host of crawly things just waiting to come in and take over.

Don’t just think that pests can be on the inside. There are many things around your yard that are not good either; not good for you, and not good for your plants. Take notice of pests on plants outside, like aphids. It would be wise to contact someone to take care of those pests also. You want to enjoy your yard. You don’t want to feel like the pests have taken over. 

Now back to our newlyweds. They called Moxie Services and got their ant problem solved. No more running to the store on date night for insect spray that may or may not work. They are keeping the pest control number handy just in case of another invasion. Since they have got their bug problem solved, let’s give them some newlywed advice.

Plan Weekly or Bi-Weekly Dates as a Married Couple

To keep the romance alive you should make time for weekly or bi-weekly dates. Making time for each other is important to keep your marriage strong. But spending too much time together can cause strain in your relationship.

Planning dates allow you to have a night where you just “Netflix and Chill.” You can also plan something special such as checking out a museum or going out for dinner. You have the option to stay home in your pajamas or to get dressed up for a night out.

Spend Time Apart as Well as Together 

Couples who spend too much time together can ruin their marriage faster than those who spend time apart. If you ever traveled on business, you know that those days apart feel like weeks apart. Spending your first night alone isn’t the greatest experience, but sometimes it can strengthen your marriage. Sometimes couples take each other for granted, and spending a few days apart each month can prevent that.

Show Your Appreciation for Each Other 

This is something you and your partner should practice on a daily basis, not just on Valentine’s Day. It’s important to let your partner know how much you care. If your husband washes the dishes or gets someone to kill all the ants, let him know how pleased you are.

It’s easy to let these things go unnoticed. Not showing appreciation can lead to both of you feel underappreciated. That can take the spark out of your relationship. Take a few minutes out of your day and think of one thing you appreciate about your partner.

This can be done when you’re both sitting down to eat breakfast or dinner. Just showing a little appreciation can keep the romance alive. 

Here’s to many years of happiness in your marriage (without bugs, of course).