It’s Wifey Wednesday over at To Love Honor and Vacuum. I was excited to participate in this weeks discussion since I follow this blog regularly.

All over the internet and TV we hear about Stay at home moms. These wonderful women work hard to keep their family together by raising the children and keeping the house together. I most definitely salute them. But what is not spoken about as often is women who work out of the home and still do the same jobs as a stay at home mom minus the children. I am one of these women….a Work At Home Wife!

There are both positive and negatives of working from home. Although the positives overly outweigh the negatives. The negatives (although few) still exist. Let’s start with the positives. I love working from home. I don’t have to commute, I work on my own schedule, and I can get some household chores done during the day while I work. I am able to stop at the store to pick up items for dinner during the day, and that is a blessing since the grocery stores in Long Island are horrendous on the weekends. The other weekend I had to run to Target on a Saturday and was horrified about the crowds. There is no way I’d be able to keep my sanity if I had to shop these store on Saturdays all the time. I can definitely admit that it makes it easier for me to get what I like to call my “wifely duties” done earlier in the evening. Without a commute, when I am finished with work I can clean/straighten up and start dinner so it’s hot when my husband gets home.

The downside to working from home is in itself working from home…Although I supported myself long before I was married, and have been rather successful at my job, some forget that I actually have to do work. You can’t lie in sales, and if I don’t make the sales I don’t make the money. People sometimes take for granted that I am home. Some will ask favors of me during the day that they would never ask someone who worked outside of the home. They figure…hey…she’s home she can do it. To be honest, sometimes I can…I just hope they realize that if I decline it’s because I actually have work to do! As much as I love being able to do the household chores, I also hate it. There really isn’t much of an excuse for me not to…If both my husband and I were working outside of the home then I would be inclined to ask him to share some of the burden. But how can I? Throwing a load of wash in during the day doesn’t take much time…and should I wait for him to cook dinner while I sit on the couch? Probably not. So I don’t have much of an excuse.

All in all I feel that working from home has allowed me to be a better wife. I also know that in the future when we have children that it will be a blessing that I am able to contribute financially to our family, as well as be in the home for our children. (Even though secretly I want my job title to be STAY AT HOME MOM) So a work at home wife I will continue to be….and for that I am thankful.