Does anyone remember back in the day when the popular purses were those little wallet type ones? The ones that pretty much held some cash, credit cards and maybe a lipstick? I remember it well. I remember at that time my mom had a large purse and we would laugh at how “uncool” she was to have such a big purse. Her response would be “but how will I fit what I need into that small purse?” Then we would laugh when she would try to fit a bunch into the small “cool” purse and it would be bursting at the seems. Fast Forward to today and look around at the fashionable choice of purses. It is almost as if we are carrying “carry on” luggage with us every day!

I figure there has to be a happy medium between the very small wallet purses and the very large hobo type purses. With a large purse comes a very large mess. I tend to drop everything and anything into my purse. Then it gets lost in the black hole until it becomes so ridiculous to find anything in there that I have to clean the bag out. On any given day I am normally carrying…2 pairs of sunglasses in their cases, my wallet, a smaller wallet that just holds the stupid store cards, 2 check books, a small cosmetic case, gum, coupons, tissues, pens…and god knows what else. I must admit that it is convenient to have everything on hand at a moments notice, but I also must admit how freeing it is in the evenings when I switch to a clutch to go out. I carry some money, my ID, Credit card, cell phone and a lipstick…and it’s wonderful.

Now us women are used to carrying it all with us on a daily basis…what happens when the powers that be decide that it is no longer “in fashion” to carry the large bags? Next thing we know they will start getting smaller again, and in order to keep up will will be forced to purge our bags…It will happen again. It’s all a cycle and I think this large bag cycle has been hanging on for a while now. It’s only a matter of time before I will be that mom carrying the large bag with my kids are laughing at how uncool I am…I guess that would be KHARMA!