The clouds parted a bit this weekend and I was happy for the opportunity to sit poolside in PA with my family.  I haven’t been to PA since Easter (which is extremely long for me) and I decided this weekend would be a great weekend to go there and relax.

I made my usual trip down there Friday morning. It’s wonderful traveling at that time since if there is ever a good time to leave Long Island with out hitting traffic that may be it. I am also lucky my boss and dad let me do it. My mom made my one of my favorite meals which is Turkey. It’s not only about the turkey but the fixins that go with it! My dad’s mashed potatoes, corn (and it must be canned corn), apple sauce and a biscuit! Yummy! It was a wonderful treat!

Saturday the whole family was home. My sister came to visit and my brother who has been living at my parents house was there too. Not to mention my sister brought her dog so we also had 3 dogs running around the house. They are just too cute. The day was spent relaxing poolside. Then we went to dinner at Friday’s and out to see the movie the hangover. I had already seen it last week with my husband, but I knew my dad would love it so I wanted the experience of seeing it with him. Man is that movie funny! If you get a chance go see it. It certainly lives up to the hype.

Saturday since I didn’t get any color I decided that today’s poolside day would be spent with out sun protection…it was a great idea because I have a bit of color, but that evening I had a bit of pain from the burn on my arms. With all the clouds and rain I needed to do something in order not to remain totally white all summer!

The weekend was just what I needed. Calm and restful. It’s great going home and having my family take care of me. No matter how old I get I will always need them, and they will always make me feel safe and looked after.