A little while back I was very hesitant about the line of Vera Bradley Products. At first glance the patterns were very bold and busy, and it just wasn’t my style. My sister loved the bags and started collecting a bunch of items in the same pattern. She was a fan of the Cambridge Pattern. This is when I started to notice the beauty of these bags. When she would arrive at my parents house with a bunch of bags in the same pattern, it all just looked so put together. They were fun and pretty. Plus, not only are there bags but fun accessories to go with the bags! Who doesn’t love accessories!?

So I decided it was time to pick my pattern. I decided to go with Jave Blue. As you can see in the picture it was a mixture of blues, browns and blacks. I also always thought the bags were expensive for what they were, but that doesn’t always stop me (although it should).  So to start off my set I decided to buy myself the tote bag. I figured it was perfect to carry my wedding binder in. (man do I miss carrying around that tote everywhere). I then registered  for the carry on bag for my honeymoon. (Hey why not? A registry is a wish list right?) My mother in law got me that and my set was on it’s way! For Christmas I got the wallet from “santa”. It’s a perfect wallet. It holds a ton! And I certainly need a wallet to hold a ton…I mean where else will I keep all my store cards and gift cards let alone credit and debit cards? As a matter of fact I also got a little card holder that attaches to my purse to hold the store cards that I use less often. There just has to be a better system for the stores to use! But I digress..  My most recent purchase was the stationary. Mind you, I found buying it in the store a bit overpriced. I believe it’s $30, but I got mine at Century 21 on sale for $6.99! SOLD! Now when I write little notes to people they will get to enjoy the beautiful Java Blue stationary!

I have no where close to the amount of pieces my sister has. She is a better collector then me. I still have a hard time paying the higher cost of some items. The bummer is that sometimes they decide to retire patterns which is what they did to the Cambridge pattern. So far my Java Blue is still in production but I guess it’s only a matter of time.

I decided to start my mom on the Vera Bradley trend. She is a substitute teacher and I thought a tote would be perfect for her to carry stuff to her classroom. I went with the Kensington Pattern since it was both black and brown. I figure it can go with most any outfit she decides to wear. The purchase was a success. She loved the pattern and uses it for school.

So now the women of my family can proudly say we are fans of Vera Bradley products. And I am certainly happy to add this to The Diaper Diaries Things I Love Thursday!