I was watching the biggest loser, and during the show one contestant was crying in her audition tape about feeling fat, and not sexy for her husband…it then zoomed in on her husband who was in no way thin and balding. Why isn’t he crying about not feeling sexy for his wife?? Why is it that women look in the mirror and put themselves down and men look in the mirror and feel sexy?

Women are always putting themselves down. It’s true. Even if you are the skinniest little thing in the world…a woman still looks in the mirror and points out her flaws. I’m too fat, I’ve got a big nose, my hair is awful…it doesn’t matter what it is, it’s just always something. If men put on weight they high five each other and call it a “beer gut”. It’s something that they take pride in. Gray hair, recedinghair line? All just maturing with age. Women on the other hand….diet till their end of days, color their hair, and take precious time to apply make up each and every day. Look at the whole Tiger Woods fiasco!? All anyone keeps saying is “but his wife is so beautiful”. Why? Is it ok to cheat on an ugly wife?? Would that have made more sense?

The Captain and my dad seem to think it’s in our genetic make up as women to desire to be attractive. I personally think it’s all gotten worse with media always showing unrealistic standards. But either way it is what it is. For example, before my wedding I was on a very strict weight watchers diet. I lost a bunch of weight, because I wanted to look back at my wedding pictures and know that I looked the best that I ever would look. And I’m glad I did because I felt amazing, and loved being able to wear a bikini on the honeymoon! The Captain?? No effort at all! Nada!

So what is the phenomena all about? Can you shed some light on this issue for me?? Anyone?