I am a huge fan of television. Probably to a fault. But that’s ok, at this point in my life I am very happy spending my evenings on the couch catching up on my favorite shows. I feel like I watch a wide variety of shows, from drama’s to comedies to reality TV to sitcoms….from shows on cable TV, to shows on HBO to shows on networks such as TNT and TBS….but my new addiction is the ridiculous TV that is brought to me by VH1. VH1 has found a way to bring me hours of entertainment about ridiculous human beings. It really IS bad television…but unfortunately the shows are like a train wreck…You can’t help but watch!!!

Let’s start with a current favorite.. Charm School. This show takes women, who were cast off from such shows as Rock of Love and REAL CHANCE of love and put them together in a house in which they have to participate in competitions to learn how to be better women. Let me stress that these women are pretty trashy. I don’t want to throw any stones, but most are either drunks, strippers, and/or very ghetto and ALL have very foul mouths.

Let’s go back to Rock of Love. Now this show has my secret man crush as the main character….Bret Michaels from Poison! It’s kind of like the bachelor…trashy women style. This last season he put the women on 2 tour buses and had them follow him on tour. The idea behind it is that if the women were going to “be with him” then they had to learn to live life on the road. The women wear pretty much no clothing, and all do their best to win Bret over in whatever way they can. He’s a rock star…so he LOVES the rocker chicks who know how to PARTY!

One of my favorites was a show called The Tool Academy. Now I think the name says it all, and one of my favorite parts of the show was that they continuously called the men in the show Tools. It was hysterical! The men were brought into the show under false pretenses. They thought they were being part of a show called “Mr. Awesome”, when in fact their girlfriends signed them up for the show because they were big tools! hahaha It still cracks me up when I think about it. The couples had to learn, and go through different competitions to learn how to be compatible and for the guy to be less of a Tool…but in the end if they got kicked of…their send off from the host was “Im sorry, you are just a tool..” Now seriously people…does this not sound like TV that you’d want to watch?

These are just a few examples, but if you are looking for ways to turn your brain to mush then VH1 shows are the way to go. I think I get less intellegent by watching the shows, but for some reason I just can’t look away. I must not be the only one because the station always seems to have a new show that follows the same old model….What can I say? It’s a guilty pleasure!

So come on…spill the beans what is your favorite VH1 show? I know you watch it!