Being a wife means that I take on many roles in the household….maid..cook…and most of all making sure that my husband is presentable in public. I’m not saying that he can’t dress himself, or pick out what to wear…I am saying that no matter what he is wearing, or no matter where we are…within five minutes of food being served some piece of that food falls right to the center of his shirt. Yup, that’s right..just like a five year old. Therefore, I am very happy that Tide came out with the easy to carry Tide To Go Pen.

True Story: We are at a nice wedding. I’m in a nice dress, my husband is looking dapper in his suit and tie. The cocktail hour begins and appetizers are being passed out by nice waiters. The first tray comes to us with Beef Stroganoff on it…My husband takes a bite…and PLOP! Nice juicy beef all over his silk tie. How wonderful! Who saves the day? His wife…the wonderful woman who carries her tide stick with her to all functions to make sure she is prepared for these accidents (which are many). The stain was wiped away and problem solved!

I am always amazed at how well this little pen really does take stains out of your clothes. It is great for those little blobs of ketchup that squeeze out of a hot dog bun, or that sauce that drips down from your slice of pizza. All you do is dab the spot with the stick and then rub it away! Amazing!

The pens are about $3.99 and are great purchased in multiples…why you ask? Well they are best kept in each of your purses (I switch handbags often when I go out) as well as all over your house. This way there is always one there when you need it.

The pens certainly aren’t just for husbands who eat like they are five…I think they would actually serve their purpose on real five year olds! Or other children who can’t seem to keep their clothes clean while out in public…So wives, moms and girlfriends unite…it’s time we take care of business and carry around this useful little tool!

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