I recently got word from a contact at Fairhaven Health of a survey being done at Early Pregnancy Tests.com that was getting to the bottom of many questions regarding Trying to conceive. They called the survey a “Profile of a “typical” TTC woman”. Don’t  you think that is a great topic? I found the results pretty interesting so I thought you would too. If you want to read more about the results you can do so HERE. Keep in mind this was a survey done of 660 people on Early Pregnancy Tests.com and may not by any means be a national average…

Early Pregnancy Tests.com: Profile of a “Typical” TTC woman

I was actually kind of shocked with the answers in the “how old are you?” section. I wasn’t surprised with the top… 47% being 25-30, but I was surprised that the 18-24 range was last with 11%. They say that your fertility drops significantly once you hit 25 and again at 30, so it is no wonder there are so many fertility issues these days now that women are waiting longer and longer to have children. It just makes sense.

The 2nd question of How Long have you been TTC made me feel a little better about my situation since 60% said 8 months or longer. Wow! How crazy is that? My doctor did tell me the average was 6 months, but maybe that number will be going up soon? Or since this was on a pregnancy test website…are the women who are frequenting the site the ones who are struggling to get pregnant?

The question of “do you have fertility issues” made me think. In reality, most people won’t know if they have any issues till at least a year of TTC because that is what is recommended by doctors, and it is also the time frame most insurance companies work with. The study here showed 40% did not know.

70% answered yes to the question of “Do you test for ovulation”. I am not surprised by that answer because timing is very important, but I think people rely on that too much. Going back I kind of wish I just followed my doctors advice and just “did it” 3-4 times a week till you get your period. I think if I followed that advice things would be a lot less stressful. But I didn’t listen..lol so I’m part of that 70%!

Question: “do you use an electronic fertility monitor?” The Answer was 87% NO…but I’d like to put in my plug for the clear blue easy fertility monitor. I REALLY think it’s worth the money. I wish I had bought it sooner, because I really believe that my timing has been off with the regular OPK’s. If you have a little extra cash I say go for it!

I sponsored a giveaway for Fertilaid Giveaway and really loved their Fertilaid as well as their Fertile CM, so I was shocked to see how many respondents haven’t given it a try. Maybe it’s the ordering online thing? That stops me sometimes….

Do you use Preseed or Pre?  It’s amazing how many people don’t know that regular lubricant actually KILL sperm. Yup! You may be harming your chances right off the bat! This survey had 57% day they do not use. My question is are they using none at all, or just the wrong kind? Definitely something to think about! I’ve used both, so if you want to know my opinions feel free to contact me. (since I am sure most of my readers don’t need to know lol)

I didn’t comment about all of the questions so feel free to see all the results on the survey. But I did find the results interesting. I wonder if they would be similar with a larger sample of respondents? I have a feeling they would! What do you think? Do you find the results accurate? Would you have answered the same?