Here on Long Island I am never at a loss to find mom’s who continue to try to be trendy no matter what their age. Even if it means trying to dress like her daughter. Yes, sometimes these “older” women hit the nail on the head, and can actually pull it off, but more often than not they look ridiculous. They just look like they are trying too hard. Now I am a mom, and being that I am only 30 years old (ok, almost 31), I think that I can still pull off the trendy look pretty well. But when do the tables turn? When will I become that mom who is “trying to hard” to stay current and in fashion? Is it an age? Is it at a certain weight? Or am I just destined to eventually rock the “mom jeans” and let it all go?

The other day I was at the doctor’s office, and saw this woman who was with her son (probably around 6). She was definitely older than me, and was wearing a short belted dress, her hair long and a hippie styled headband worn around her forehead. Personally, I thought she looked ridiculous. But there I was..a mom…rocking a maxi dress wearing a straw hat. I thought to myself…when will people start looking at me this way? I hope the answer is NEVER!

Then there is the woman who is obviously a mom. You know the look. It’s a woman wearing high waisted khaki’s or jeans with their shirt tucked in, and the zipper being about 9″ long. When does this look become OK? Does this happen to everyone? There has to be a happy medium between wearing jeans where my ass crack hangs out, and jeans that go up to my boobs.

People may not agree, but I think I would rather go the way of the mom jean than be the ridiculous woman wearing clothes that are WAY too young. I don’t stop and notice the women in “mom clothes”, but I do recognize a woman who isn’t 20 years old anymore trying to hard to look like her daughter.

So what do you think? Is there an age where looking through Glamor Magazine to pick out your trendy outfit is no longer appropriate? When do I have to stop shopping at Forever 21? When does a mom start looking like a mom? Thoughts?