Every relationship has its ups and downs; it’s normal. The question is: How do you solve issues within your relationship or marriage? You may have tried self help books, relationship advice from family and friends, or couples counseling. Our relationship program Couple Garden takes a new approach- it’s practical, it’s interactive, and it’s something that the two of you can do together as a couple.

You can begin your Couple Garden journey in a few easy steps:

Step 1: Take our ree quiz to determine your couple type on our website www.couplegarden.com. Our program is based on five different couple types, and although every couple is unique, each couple will fit into one of the five. Keep in mind that as your relationship changes or evolves, so could your couple type. Each couple type has its strengths and weaknesses, Couple Garden will help you to improve upon the weaknesses of our specific couple type; therefore improving your overall relationship.

Step 2: Now that you know your couple type, take a look at our free demo to see if Couple Garden is right for you:  Couple Garden is a six level online program that has been in development for over five years and is based on over 30 years of research from American and Swiss relationship experts. After choosing Couple Garden, you can select from a twelve week program or a six week accelerated program. Each level contains twelve activities based on twelve improvement factors that we believe will target the various aspects of your relationship like communication, objectivity, and emotion.

Step 3: Here are some of the benefits you could gain from using Couple Garden just to name a few—

— It will help you to figure out your values as a couple.

— You will discover the various roles each of you take on in your relationship.

— You will learn how to manage or better manage your conflicts.

— Grow together in your overall relationship!

— Strengthen the bond that the two of you share as couple.

— Communicate better than ever before.

Please read our e-brochure to learn more:

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Guest Post by Couple Garden