Choosing a wedding band can be a difficult decision for some brides – especially for those who already have a long list of wedding to-dos. There are many different styles of wedding bands to choose from, and couples have the option to either choose matching sets or bands that vary with their personalities.

Although some couples may choose to shop in-store together for a matching set of bands, many are beginning to shop for their wedding rings online. Wedding bands can often be found cheaper online and still have the same great quality that you would find in a regular storefront retailer.

Gold and white gold have traditionally been the most popular choices for wedding bands; however, there are numerous precious metal options available that are growing in popularity. For couples shopping together or for the brides who are left to find their soon-to-be husband’s wedding band alone, they should consider purchasing a titanium ring.

A titanium ring makes an excellent choice for your husband’s ring, since they are incredibly durable. Not to mention, you can tell him it’s made out of the same material as airplanes, which increases its cool factor. Unlike gold and other precious metals, titanium isn’t prone to bending and breaking, which means that your husband’s band will be able to withstand all those hard bumps and scraps he may put it through in the future.

Moreover, titanium rings aren’t just for men. They can be made to look more slender and feminine for brides, and may be inlaid with gold, silver, or platinum to add color and style. Yellow and rose gold inlays provide a very bold contrast which may be more appropriate for the stylish, eclectic bride, while those inlaid with white gold, platinum, or silver offer a more subtle contrast for brides who may not want a dramatic ring.

Titanium rings are also easily customizable, so you and your soon-to-be can have unique wedding bands. Jewelers who deal in titanium rings may customize your bands by allowing you to choose varying option, which include:

  • Inlay material and inlay width
  • Ring width
  • Titanium grade
  • Design

You may also choose to customize your wedding bands further with an engraving, so your wedding date or a special message may remain in them forever.

Whether you are shopping for your groom’s wedding band or are looking to upgrade your husband’s current band, a titanium ring is a popular choice. Regardless of the type of ring you choose, make sure to purchase your wedding band from a reputable jeweler whether they be storefront or online. A reputable online jeweler will always provide 100 percent customer satisfaction and will also have customer reviews to help you make your decision easier.

This was a Guest Post by Jim