When I first got pregnant I expected the worst. I have heard so many horror stories, of dreadful morning sickness, lots of weight gain, crazy food cravings, lots of emotional outbursts, uncontrollable flatulence, and wetting your pants…all things that seem less than desirable. But I was prepared. I read Jenny Mcarthy’s book Belly laughs, and The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy, and both books told the truth of all these things. It was funny to read, and I was looking forward to share with you my readers all about the ups and downs of pregnancy. Even the ugly stuff, because why not? Laughing about it may be the only way to get through it! But I have to be honest with you dear readers….I have been REALLY lucky so far in this pregnancy! So far, the comedy in pregnancy has been lost on me!

The first trimester came and went with no morning sickness. I was extremely thankful for that of course, but I was left being very nervous that something was wrong since they say most women have morning sickness. I will admit to SOME emotional outbursts, but I also think that I have been pretty good. I hope that Captain Awesome agrees with me on this one, because I really don’t think I have had any crazy mood swings! (maybe I’m in denial?)

I am hungrier than usual, but other than a few weeks in the middle I haven’t been unnecessarily ravenous. I credit this for my average weight gain during this pregnancy. Granted I have eaten EXTREMELY bad throughout, but luckily I haven’t been paying the price for it just yet. It might kick me in the butt after the baby is born when I want to lose weight, and have a bit of trouble kicking my doughnut habit!

Flatulence? Not really. I will admit to horrible gas pains, but luckily for The Captain everything has remained inside. I am not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but it is what it is. I warned him in advance that my rule of “no passing gas in front of the husband” may just have to go out the window when I’m pregnant. But luckily it hasn’t really been a problem….YET. I will admit to ONE slip up (which he still talks about) but what do you expect? I’m pregnant!

Wetting my pants?? I do hope this doesn’t happen to me. I still have a ways to go, but I am hoping this does not become a problem. Did it happen to you?

So really folks, it’s not that I am keeping things from you…it’s just that my pregnancy just hasn’t been funny. I have been blessed with a good and happy pregnancy thus far. I have most likely jinxed myself by writing this post, but I am hoping that since it’s written in good spirits the Karma Gods will continue to smile upon me.

How about you? Do you have any pregnancy stories you’d like to share? We’re all friends here!