I have never been shy in admitting to my addiction to television. I love it, and it’s wonderful and I am not ashamed. That is why I am so super excited that the new fall season is finally upon us! That means new shows, along with new episodes of old favorites! But that also means that I have to pick and choose how to make the most of my TV schedule. It’s a tricky task each year, but it has to be done.

One of the biggest challenges is deciding which new shows I want to start to watch. It’s tough because I hate when I miss out on a great show, and it happens alot. Can you believe that I have never got into Glee? Mainly because of scheduling conflicts, but I think this year it will fit in. The Captain laughed at me when he saw my paper out with my show choices written down. He couldn’t believe I would do it, until I looked him in the eye and asked him “really?”…to that he replied that unfortunately he could believe it.

So here my dear readers is what I have chosen. I hope that I have chosen wisely, and I don’t miss out on the new biggest hit of the season. Because when that happens, I am just too far behind to catch up!

Fall Television Schedule



House and How I met your mother: “Hous”e is an old favorite, and The Captain and I have been catching up on “How I met your Mother” all summer, so we are excited to watch the new season!


Gossip Girl and Lone Star: “Gossip Girl” is a must since I am pretty much a teeny bopper, and I decided to choose “Lone Star” over “The Event” because Entertainment Weekly recommended it. I am not sure if that was the right choice, but only time will tell.


Hawaii 5-0: I’m not sure what I think of it, but I will definitely give it a try.



Biggest Loser and Glee: The Captain LOVES “The Biggest Loser” so this is a must since most shows on our DVR aren’t his. It’s a 2 hour show so it takes up a lot of time, but it’s worth it. I have also been able to add  “Glee” to the mix here. I am not sure what show is gone from last  year so I can watch it, but I’m glad I can.


Parenthood: This one I came to love last season. It took some time getting into, but I am loving all the characters.



America’s Next Top Model: I am amazed each week how these sometimes awkward looking girls can get such great pictures!


Modern Family and SVU:” Modern Family” makes me laugh EVERY time! I’m so glad that they’ve brought back so many great sitcoms! “SVU” is always a good go to. I don’t have to watch every single episode and I can still enjoy it.


Cougar Town: My favorite part of this show is their love of wine! I loved the episode where they filled their wine glasses all the way to the top and wondered why each bottle only gave them 2 glasses! It reminds me of my wine pours! I hope this show gets more of a following because it’s really great.


The Whole Truth: I’m giving this one a shot. Looks good to me!

Thursday: My favorite night of the week! (TV wise)


My Generation and Vampire Diaries: The previews of “My Generation” are great. I think it has a lot of potential, but what do I know? Lots of shows I love get taken off. Can you say “what about Brian?” Vampire Diaries is just so good! Yes it’s the Teeny Bopper in me again, but really…it’s good!


Grey’s Anatomy and The Office: I am a little bummed here because NBC messed with their schedule and moved 30 Rock’s time slot! It used to fall here, but now it’s in the 8:30 time slot which stinks because I already have 2 one hour shows! I am hoping they move it around. But I still love Grey’s and The Office!


Private Practice: Self Explanatory



Desperate Housewives: Yes I am still watching it..


Brothers and Sisters: I am still giving this one a shot too..I love the show but here so many people have left! I guess we’ll see!!

So there you have it folks! My fall schedule! What will you be watching this season? What are you most excited about? Do you think I’m making any big mistakes?