I finally decided on a new car, but obviously it wasn’t with out feeling of doubt, concern and an overall confusion. I am not very good with change, and for some reason I have a hard time knowing exactly what I want when it comes to cars. Actually, it’s not always about what I WANT, it’s a battle between, want and need, and the looming question of “can I afford it?”. In the end, after all the back and forth I ended up with the same type of car I have had for the past 6 1/2 years….The Nissan Altima. (Silver with black interior! Like the picture!)  See? I told you I had trouble with change!

I was very lucky in the fact that when I turned 16 my parents bought me a brand new red Pontiac Sunfire. I loved that car, and was very blessed to have a new car. I know a lot of people can joke of stories of their old and crappy first car, but I was lucky. Once that car died, and I was left to choose and pay for my own car (I was an adult now you know) I ended up choosing the Nissan Altima. I chose to lease my first adult car because I was tired of dealing with all the headaches and older car can bring. I decided to look at my car as an expense, and I knew that I didn’t want to deal with cars anymore, and I just wanted a new car every 3 years. And to this day I was happy with my decision. I leased that Altima for 3 years, 3 months, and then I did the same after that when I got a 2nd Altima for 3 years 3 months. I have been nothing but happy with car.

That brings us to now, when we decided to start looking for a new car. When The Captain asked me what I wanted, I told him I wanted a crossover. It just seemed right because we wanted a family, and I thought that I would need more room. I wasn’t ready for the bigger cross overs, I was just ready for the smaller ones. Ones like the Rogue, CRV, CX7, Tuscon. The frugal side of me knew that I DID NOT want to spend more than I currently am paying. As a matter of fact I wanted to spend less. But I knew that would be difficult due to the residuals on the crossovers. See the problem is that I am spoiled…my past 2 cars have had heated leather seats, BOSE sound system, blue tooth, sunroof…and pretty much all you could ask for except Navigation. And I really would be fine with less things, but I didn’t want to pay more for them just because the car was a cross over. Do you see the dilemma? If I am going to lose features, I want to pay less??

As I was going back in forth in my head, the idea that I really did love my current car kept creeping in. It drove great, Nissan has been wonderful, and I really was comfortable in it. Do I really need a crossover? We don’t even have kids that…screw that I’m not even pregnant yet! Not to mention that I truly believe that other than those crossovers (of that size)  being higher, and a hatchback trunk, it is the same square footage inside than my current car. So why rock the boat? ESPECIALLY since the deals I am getting to go to another Nissan are beyond good. What to do?

Captain Awesome wanted me in a crossover. He said he felt safer for me, and our future child in a bigger car. We REALLY liked the Hyundai Tuscon (brand new) andwould you believe that in this economy they are sold out everywhere? And that there isn’t a deal to be had ANYWHERE on Long Island? That is true! I told my husband that we were waiting on a car that we didn’t even know when we could get our hands on one! The dealers also had this cocky attitude like they were doing me a favor by selling me the Tuscon. No way honey! I’m in sales and rule number one is to make the customer feel that you care about their business!

So I think I digressed a bit..lol Bottom line was that I am a huge complainer about a lot of things, but one thing I NEVER complain about is my car…so why change it? In the end I leased another Altima, but this one has NAVIGATION! As well as every bell and whistle it comes with…and the better part??? It’s a lot less money per month than I’m paying now! My frugal self still wags a shameful finger at me. That self says….you should’ve gotten a MUCH less expensive car. And my frugal self is right. But we are not in debt, and we can afford it, so I think we were still pretty responsible. I do my best to think ahead at the days when I hope to be a Stay at home mom…but we aren’t there yet. So why not have a few luxuries right? Lease New Car??? CHECK!!!