I usually do a question of the day over on my facebook fan page (ok, ok sometimes I forget), and on Monday night I asked what is the one kitchen item you can’t live with out? Well I got a bunch of answers, but one that kept coming up was the Kitchenaid stand mixer. Well I responded with the fact that it’s super expensive, and that I don’t have the counter space, but I wanted to admit to you my readers that I secretly want one. It’s true! I would never actually go out and buy one for myself for frugality purposes…and for the fact that I don’t know how often I’d use it, but if somehow one just fell into my lap I would in no way shape or form send it back. But like a sign from heaven, I saw a tweet from the blog Mayham and Moxie telling me (ok I know it wasn’t just to me but twitter can make you feel like you are the only person people are talking to) that they are giving away a Kitchenaid mixer! How great is that? It’s fate I tell you!

I entered the contest! (of course) and normally I do not post about contests or giveaways I enter, because I don’t always feel like my readers would care about something someone else is giving away, but I really think this contest would benefit you too! (but should you win instead of me, you have to promise to give me your winnings. Deal?)

My Grandma was the most wonderful baker. My favorite thing that she baked were her homemade blueberry muffins. I used to wait for her to visit, and she would bring a ton down for me. They were just so special, and she always told me that they were made with the most important ingredient….LOVE! As my Grandma got older it was harder and harder for her to bake her wonderful creations, and I asked her for her recipe. I felt that it was very important to pass this recipe on. I waited a really long time to try the recipe. For some reason I just knew that I could NEVER make them as good as my Grandma. Not to mention that the recipe is for 2 dozen muffins and the idiot I am I have trouble cutting recipes in half. (don’t mock me…you try cutting 3/4 of a cup in half. What is that??) So when is the appropriate time to bake 2 dozen muffins? Well I found a time and gave it a shot. Let me remind you that I DO NOT have the Kitchenaid stand mixer. I did everything by hand, and by electric hand mixer. Boy were my arms tired! But I figured if the women back in the day could do it all by hand then so could I (with a little help). But no matter what, whenever I bake my mind wanders to the idea that it would just be that much easier if I had the standing mixer. Just dump the ingredients in and they magically get mixed! Awesome!

How did the muffins come out? No where close to being as good as my Grandma’s…but I really didn’t expect them to. I brought some to my Grandma for her to try and she said they were good. But as only little old ladies can…she told me I put in too many blueberries! Thanks Grandma!!!

There you have it! I spilled the beans that I want the Kitchenaid mixer, but please do me a favor and don’t tell frugal Jen. She just gets all mad and puts me down….It’s just not worth the fight! And I think I should win because I’m doing this for my poor Grandma. (playing dirty aren’t I?) She would love me to give her muffins another try!