There comes a time in most people lives when they fall into line with all of their friends in regards to major milestones. You all learn to drive around the same time, you all go to college around the same time, you all enter the “real world” around the same time, and then before you know it you have a million and one weddings to attend in a year. The next step after all that is babies. I was lucky enough to be pregnant around the same time as some of my friends. All of us hitting up baby round one. But it seems when it comes to babies and friends a lot of things change. No one is on the same page any more, and I have a feeling it will take years before I can make plans ahead safely without wondering who will be pregnant or nursing. I never realized that the baby years could span over a decade…..when we will be on the same page again?

With my son being 21 months I am at a point where I feel comfortable leaving him to go out to dinner, and if the right event arrives MAYBE leaving him overnight (I still have issues with this). Wouldn’t a girls night out be fun? Sure! But some of my girlfriends are pregnant, others are nursing with newborns, and I am sure that others soon will be pregnant again. Even though we can get together…it just wouldn’t be a real “girls night”. Meaning most likely I would be the only one enjoying the wine.

It’s fine. I was there, and will be again. As a matter of fact, by the time they are ready for the fun “girls night”, I could be the one tired and pregnant (no that’s not a hint of anything in the near future).  And then I will be the one nursing…and then I will be ready to party and they will be on baby number 3! See the cycle?

It’s weird to try to think ahead with plans and figure in pregnancy, nursing, or other kids in the mix when it comes to friends. I’m sure not everyone plans like I do (so I’m a nut…so what!). But it happens.

I think the baby years will span out for a while. It doesn’t affect the men as much as the women of course. Tis the nature of it all I guess, but the women in my life will have their lives rocked for a while…some in synch..some out, but either way no matter where we are in our lives I am thankful for my friends. So much to look forward to.