It’s official…Month 3 of TTC has come and gone with no success. I pretty much knew this would be the case since I was away the weekend that was supposedly “the time”, but it still hurts none the less. I decided to write this post since I have been taking you all on this journey with me, and I didn’t want some of you thinking that no news was good news. I also wanted to say that I am OK.

The Captain and I have decided that we are going to take a little break from TTC. The way the timing works from this point makes it so my due date would be right around my sisters wedding, and I in no way, shape or form want to miss, or take anything away from her big day. Everyone deserves to have that magical day all to themselves, and she was such a wonderful maid of honor in my wedding, I want to be there for her too. I just warned her that I plan/hope to be very fat and pregnant at her wedding. I gotta tell you, she has been nothing but supportive of me through all of this, since I have been stressing out alot about the “timing” of my future child. She reminded me that she sees it as a blessing no matter what happens. I am so thankful to have such an understanding sister.

I think a little break will do us some good too. I am a total Christmas girl and I plan to enjoy the holidays to the fullest. I’ll look at this New Years Eve as my last chance to enjoy the evening as just a wife, because next year I hope to celebrate it as a mother. I think my New Years Eve plans will be a little different then.

So here’s to enjoying the holidays, enjoying life and enjoying every glass of vino I still get to drink. And here’s to finding the silver lining in all the little kinks life throws my way…I have a feeling life will be full of them!