town and country

Why is it that shopping for big purchases are far from fun? The things I am most excited to buy are the ones that stress me out and drive me the most crazy. I guess it’s only natural being that you are dealing with money…a lot of money. So needless to say my search for a mini van has been less than enjoyable. But my emotional feelings aside I do need a new car, and being that my lease is almost’s time to move onward and upward…time to get a mini van (yes you read that right), so I have to suck it up and deal. We are so close to getting my next car..but there is so much to think about!

Shopping For A Mini Van

I don’t care too much about cars. I am shocked every time I see how much a new car costs, and I am appalled at how much money needs to leave your bank account every month to pay for one. Especially if you plan on purchasing one, which Captain Awesome and I planned on doing for our mini van. It makes sense since it would be our family car and the car that would get destroyed by our children (both present and future).

The Toyota Sienna commercials…the swaggin wagon ones….got me. That was the one I wanted when it all started. I did hear that the Chrysler Town and Country had the most standard features, so that was one I wanted to take a look at also. Finally, I had heard the Honda Odyssey was voted #1 in the mini van department so I had to see that.

I wanted Navigation and I wanted a DVD player, but after beginning my search I realized that I had to be crazy to want that if I wanted to keep the car affordable. That is unless I went with the Town and Country where DVD’s come standard. If I wanted both of those things in either the Odyssey or the Sienna I was way out of our league. At least the league the Captain and I wanted to be in. Paying a fortune for a car is something I DID NOT want to do.

After looking closer into the Town and country we also learned that the lease incentives are hard to pass up. I’d be paying less for the mini van then I would be for my current car! Now that sounded good to me. With that I get Duel DVD, and Navigation. We are deciding if we want the next package which would also give us heated seats and such…but the price difference is minimal.

The reason I say the buying process isn’t fun is because I found myself struggling with being “trendy”. I get why someone would want the Sienna with the 4 wheel drive…but you are talking about at least a $35,000 car there (at least by MSRP). For that price you don’t get Nav or DVD’s. Maybe the bells and whistles are most important to me, but I do not get how the Odyssey can be so expensive. After telling the Honda people we wanted Navigation and a DVD player they came back with a number of $46,000! WHAT?! It’s a MINI VAN people!

My frustrations always stem with the fact that I don’t think cars should cost so much. Granted I am spoiled…very spoiled when it comes to cars. Always have been since my dad bought my first new car when I was 16 (thank you daddy!). But it drives me crazy that if I want a large car…big enough to fit a growing family, and allow for luggage when we travel I have to pay a ton. That is a ton if I want navigation (hence the spoiled part). Then I get mad…and frustrated.

It seems that our choice of the 2013 Chrysler Town and Country will be a good one. I get a big car…lots of options…and a price tag that will even save us money each month. Hard to pass that up if you ask me!

I am still curious though…how did you choose your mini van?