no alone time

I can’t pinpoint an exact day, week or month, but at some point during these last two years I have completely lost the right to own any part of my day. It happened so slowly that I hadn’t really thought about it till now. Is it something that just happens to moms or is it just me? What happened to my mornings when I would get the news by watching Good Morning America while playing with my son? Now…someone will try to talk to me about something in the news and I just stare at them blankly and think “Boy was that episode of Mickey Mouse clubhouse amazing” (OK I never really think that but you get the point). As a stay at home mom I obviously sit home and eat bon bons all day…but on the rare occasion I actually get off the couch (catch the sarcasm?) My day is spent MOSTLY for someone else….when did that happen?

When my son was first born I was able to enjoy my son and at the same time enjoy my shows. The TV was mine. Today? Not so much. I spent my mornings with Robbin Roberts (GMA), Regis and Kelly (pre Kelly and Michael), Rachel Ray and then the ladies of the view. Their voices were always on in the background. I got my news, I got the gossip and and I was somewhat up with what was going on around the world. Today if the TV is on I get no say in what’s on. Christian owns the remote.

I am sure it will change with future children, but my day is spent figuring out how to navigate my son’s schedule. It works for us, so we go with it. But that means I have to plan my errands based on distance (can’t have him fall asleep in the car or we lose a nap), getting back in time for lunch (can’t eat too late because of course we want him to poop BEFORE nap…he sleeps much better), and of course the glorious nap time that I refuse to miss (I am not sure anyone can understand how glorious that short amount of time to myself can be…there isn’t many things worth losing a nap over).

“But you have nap time to yourself” you may be saying…but alas I do not. This is when I work. When my newborn slept all day it was fine…when he napped 2 times a day it was fine…but one nap isn’t enough time. You’d be amazed how quickly time goes just to eat lunch…check e mails, return phone calls and place orders. I will admit to having general hospital on in the background while doing all this…but you can’t begrudge me that can you?

Whether you are a working parent or a stay at home parent I am sure it’s all the same. But I will say if you work at least you get to pee by yourself once in a while! Either way your life is no longer about you. It happens fast let me warn you…It happens around the time your child gets an opinion of their own. Once they learn the word no…you are screwed!

Ok…I choose to live my life for my kid. I’m sure some of you will say…you are the adult, the kid should go on your schedule…and that may work for some, but not for me. So I’m not complaining. Really I’m not, I’m just reflecting on how much things change, It’s really hard to picture a day that doesn’t include Team Umi Zoomie playing over and over. I wouldn’t trade it in for the world…